Friday, August 17, 2012

Old Friend/New Friend

I really miss old friends that I grew up with and miss spending time with them. One of those friends is Misty. We went from Kindergarten to Senior Graduation. We spent a lot of times together at school and one another's houses. She now lives in VA so we have been able to get together a few times. Recently, we met each other in Greensboro and spent the weekend together. Spending time with an old friend is very precious time and an added bonus to that seeing our own children become new friends. Hoping there will always be a connection with one another for years to come.

Mustang Week and Rare Hair Pics

Daddy went to Mustang Week in Myrtle Beach. Good thing she cannot read this because it is a BIG secret. She would be so mad if she only knew he went without her. :P But at least he did bring her a shirt back. I took these pictures with her in her shirt and also took advantage of the fact that I had just dried her hair after a bath and got a few rare shots of her hair down. It is so beautiful when it is down but she does not keep it down for long. Hopefully, as she gets older she will wear it down. So here is a rare glance at it.

Long Lost Grace

We were so glad to have such a great visit from Grace. She came here all the way from Texas to visit everyone here back in Fayetteville. We had a few outings with her and enjoyed it immensely. The whole time she was here she had a little shadow behind her at all times. Hope you had fun....because we did!

Love Gift Sent My Way

Ms. Angel and Aunt Debbie and Uncle Eddie sent some very fun and pretty gifts to Kassidy. She never tires of hearing the words "You Got Mail!" Thank you for making her feel so loved and cared for.

Girl Time

Sometimes it can be hard being an only child so it makes playdates and sleepovers a must.