Saturday, March 27, 2010

New Package from Mimi and Poppop

Kassidy got a package from Mimi and Poppop with a couple cute shorts outfits, candy, and very cute tennis shoes. I love watching her open presents and she always ends it with her signature bag over the head.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

"Ahhhh Pretty!"

" Ahhhhh Pretty!" Those were Kassidy's words when she put this dress on Sunday morning and looked in the mirror. Aunt Jodi sent this dress to her awhile back but, of course, it has been too cold for her to wear it. Last Sunday the weather wasn't as cold as it had been so I thought it was safe to let her wear it along with the little sweater. I thought that the dress was pretty when we got it in the mail but it surprised me at how much cuter it was when she tried it on. As you can tell, she is a natural model. I never give her cues on what to do (such as holding her dress out). Thank you Aunt Jodi!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Billy's Birthday

Billy only has one more year to go now until the big 40! Kassidy and I helped him celebrate by taking him out to dinner at Carrabbas. We also got him a mousepad with some of our favorite pictures of us together on it. Billy has been talking sometime about how he would love to get an edible arrangement (fruit arrangement) so Kassidy and I got him a box of chocolate dipped strawberries and Jeff, Jodi, Reece and Bobbi got him an edible arrangement with all kinds of delicious fruit and some of them were also chocolate dipped. We had also got him a Baskin Robins ice cream cake, however, we had to wait on that because after dinner and eating on the fruit, we were stuffed and the cake would have most definitely done us in. All in all I think he had a pretty good birthday with the best part of it being at home with us instead of thousands of miles away.

Gifts from Uncle Eddie and Aunt Debbie

Uncle Eddie and Aunt Debbie back in WV sent her a box full of goodies that she tore into immediately. They sent some miniature Disney books, two pairs of pants and three little shirt with just the funniest and cutest sayings. They also sent her a few stuffed animals. They also sent me a special book where I can journal and add keepsakes in about Kassidy. I think I will work on it through the next few years and then, when she is a bit older and can appreciate it, I will present it to her to show her some of the times that we spent together that was special to me.
This little girl is so blessed to have soooo many people who love her. If every child in this world had a fourth of the people to love them as Kassidy does then we would never have to worry about child neglect/abuse/or children who feel unloved and scared. Every time I make a post I automatically reflect over all of our friends/family/church families everywhere and I always am touched by all of you. Besides the gifts that Kassidy receives on a regular basis, we also have people who are more than willing to babysit, send cards, call to check on us to see how we are all doing, and pray for us.

Gifts from Jeff, Jodi, Reece and Bobbi

Aunt Jodi found some of the cutest little dresses that I cannot wait to put on her when it gets warm enough. We have so many cute things for warm weather and I cannot wait to see them on her. Also, Bobbi passed down some of her Barbie collection books which Kassidy absolutely loves. I hope her love of books that she has now continues throughout her school years and even beyond. Every nap time and bed time we have to read at least two or three books before retiring for the night. She enjoys them sooooo much.

Mimi and PopPop Gifts

Kassidy has received several packages in the mail in the last month from Mimi and PopPop besides the gardening kit. Here she is showing off her outfits, pajamas and candy!

My Little Garden

Mimi and PopPop saw a gardening kit for Kassidy with different types of seeds. Kassidy and Billy planted some watermelon and tomatoes. They started out as seeds and have now progressed into a bigger potting container with hopes of going out in the yard eventually. Here are pics that show their progress and what fun they had planting them and watching them grow.