Thursday, October 29, 2009

More Disney On Ice Pics

Disney On Ice

Wow....what a night! Thank you Jessica for thinking of Kassidy and I and making it available for us to go to this wonderful event. Wish you could have been there also.
Kassidy and I met some friends from church and went to see Disney On Ice. I wasn't sure how she would like it or if she would sit still and was also concerned whether or not she would make it with the show starting about the time she goes to bed but all went wonderfully. I worked it out so that she could take a very late nap and woke her up shortly before walking out the door to go see the show. She started getting a little tired at the end but hung in there like a trooper. I had never been to a Disney On Ice show but I can truly say that, as long as there is one in the vicinity of where we live, we will be making this one of our yearly traditions. It is a fun show from ages 1 to 100. It had a presentation by just about all the Disney characters I could think of. Billy is always trying to find stuff relating to Mulan because of her Chinese heritage. He would be proud because they had a Mulan presentation that was out of this world. They even had a G.I. Joe presentation, which was really neat and unexpected. The only thing missing in this show was having Kassidy's daddy sitting beside us but next year we will have it all. It is funny because as we were walking in the hallways to find what door we entered, I was telling Kassidy that we were going to see Mickey and Minnie Mouse and all of a sudden I guess she realized we were getting close and let out a very loud scream because she just couldn't handle keeping in her excitement any longer. I died laughing. She knew something fun was coming up very soon.

In these pictures you will see shots of the skaters, Kassidy's reaction to the show, and our friends from church that we met there and sat with. The 5 year-old little girl that you see in the pictures holding Kassidy is Riley. She is so good with Kassidy. Everytime she sees Kassidy at church or anywhere she cannot wait to hold her. When we got home, I put her pajamas on and she was still excited so she kept putting on her mouse ears that we got at the show and then kept saying cheese to get her picture taken.
Her ensemble tonight included some special things that have been given to Kassidy in the past that I have not had her wear yet because I was too afraid she would lose or break something. But I decided with tonight being a special night that we would let her wear some special things. Her dress was a gift that Angel sent the other day. It was perfect for the occasion since it had Minnie Mouse on it so it went right along with the theme of the night. Also, I got real brave and let her wear the 101 Dalamation Dogs earrings that I got for her. I also let her wear the Panda Bear necklace that Poppy and Mamaw Debbie got her when they went to Branson, MO a few months ago. They just brought it when they came and visited us a few weeks ago. Also, when we landed in San Francisco, CA on our way to China to get Kassidy, we met up with Mark and Beth who were parents that went along with us and whom we had corresponded with months prior to us going to China and they just so happened to be in our same traveling group to get our babies. We have become very close to them. When we first met them in CA, they gave us some special gifts, one of them being a very beautiful silver bracelet with Kassidy's name engraved on it. I was waiting for the perfect time for her to wear this and hopefully when she was old enough to not take it off and lose it. We managed to make it back home with everything so I was so glad. You may be able to see some of these things in the pictures or not but they were there.
There were so many reactions from Kassidy throughout the show but I never seemed to be able to capture them like I would have liked. I remember the days when I never picked up a camera (pre Kassidy time) and now I just cannot seem to get enough pictures of her. Some people probably think I am crazy because I always seem to have a camera flashing in everyone's face but I just really want to be able to capture these moments because I know they will go by much faster than I like. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Daddy's Cool Truck

She's already getting practice I think. We went out into the garage today and she walked over to her daddy's truck and pounded the door trying to get into it. She thinks her daddy's truck is much cooler than mommy's car. So I opened the door and let her get in but the problem occurred when trying to get her out. By the time I was ready to get her out from behind the steering wheel, she obviously had, in those few minutes, already claimed the truck as hers. She adjusted all the settings to her own. She started screaming so it all ended on me putting her carseat in the truck and taking a ride in it to Dairy Queen to get some ice cream. Wow....a ride in the truck and ice cream.....this is the life! I actually needed to take it for a ride anyways because it has been sitting for so long. I thought these pics of her in the truck were so cute.

Billy's "Other Woman" and Halloween Gifts

There are often some celebrity people who visit overseas to our troops as a morale booster. Recently, one of the bachelorettes from the show "The Bachelor" showed up. I am a sucker when it comes to a few reality shows and I watched a season of "The Bachelor" when this particular woman, Deanna, was in it so when she showed up where Billy is in Afghanistan, then he suffered for his wife and got his picture taken with this beautiful woman just for me. haha
With Halloween coming up, Angel sent Kassidy, me, Amanda, Kristen, Marissa, Grace and Allie Kate some treats. Here are some pics of them getting their candy, bracelets, and such. She sent Kassidy a cute Minnie Mouse dress which you will see shortly whenever I post pictures of her wearing it tomorrow for the Disney on Ice we are going to. I am hoping she will like it and will sit still long enough for it. We have not been to anything like this so I am hoping she will last through it and it will not scare her. I am excited to see her reaction. We also celebrated Kristen's birthday a little late with her birthday dinner and Ms. Amy made a cake and brought it.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Hair, Hair, and more Hair

Well....those of you who watched us from the start of this adoption knows that Kassidy had hair from the get go. I often wonder how much hair she had when she was born. That is one of the first things that people comment about when seeing her. It is just uncommon for a child of her age to have so much hair. It is so fun to fix and try to find new ways of showing it off. Since we have had her, most of the time her hair has been spent up in ponytails because it was either hot, the easiest way to fix it, and also I felt that if I left it down and used barrettes or headbands that she would just pull them out but I think she is old enough now to know not to bother it. One of Kassidy's friends from church always has the cutest headbands so I asked where she got them and Kassidy and I went to the store and got three of them and I took some pics of her with one of the headbands in her hair. It really shows off her hair and I cannot wait until Sunday to go to church and try to keep her hair down with the headband. Here are some pics of her posing with her new hairdo. There is also a pic of her opening her Halloween card that Mimi and Poppop sent her.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sit and Spin Toy

Well...I couldn't wait. I have been picking up a thing here and there and tucking it away in my closet for either her birthday or Christmas present but today I wasn't feel well enough to go out and do anything so today we stayed in and I felt sorry for her because I thought she was so bored. Therefore, I went and got out one of the toys, being a Playskool Musical Sit and Spin. I have been wanting to give this particular one to her anyways so I went ahead, got it out of the box, put it together and put her on it. At first, the tears just came with screams of fear. REALLY? Out of all the things you do....climbing on anything and everything, picking up any form of insect, etc. you are going to be afraid of a Playskool toy? So I got her off and just showed her from a distance what it did and how it worked and then she thought "HMMMM okay maybe I will give it one more try." She sat down and started off like a pro spinning on it and hitting the wheel when the music went off. I am kind of getting the feeling also that she is going to have another trait that her daddy patience! Whenever she tries to do something, she will get upset and started whining and crying and look at me as if to say...okay you do it because I am done. But eventually she will get it done and then clap for herself.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Fall Festival and Funny Faces

I had saw an advertisement about a Fall Festival going on about 1-1/2 hour drive away. So we asked Amy, Grace and Allie Kate to go with us on Saturday. We left about half way through the day and spent about 3.5 hours there. There was a lot to do including train rides, pumpkin picking, jumping in a barn full of hay, another barn full of dry corn, a big slide at the top of a hill made out of a huge plastic drain pipe, homemade canned goods, small animals, etc. We all had a good time. The girls all wanted to get in the caboose and sense we got stopped from getting on the train at the very beginning of the line because it filled up we got to have first pick and of course they went straight to the caboose. Here are some pics from that day. Also there are some pics of Kassidy making funny faces. She does anything for a laugh. She is a natural comedian and thinks everybody should be looking at her and laughing all the time, hence the faces. And I have to say that there isn't a time that goes by that she doesn't get a laugh because the faces are halarious, especially when she rolls her eyes and then looks at you through the corner of them.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New Clothes

I know...more pictures due to show off new outfits. Oh well....that is what we love so you don't have to read and look at all the blogs if you don't want to but we love dressing up and just so happened that the weather was cool enough Monday that she was able to wear her long sleeved Minnie Mouse outfit. Also, when we went to Kohls we found some long nightgowns so we got two, one Mickey Mouse/Minnie Mouse gown and one Princess gown and so we also took pics of that also with a book in her hand in the rocking chair because it was almost night time so she was getting prepared for her nightly book reading before lights out.