Saturday, August 21, 2010

Afraid?, Not Me!!!

Although Kassidy had more flight time under her belt before the ripe old age of 1 than most have had in a lifetime, she still was terrified when we had planes fly over our house. Our house is right in the flight pattern of flights going in and out of Fort Bragg and they can be quite low and loud as they do so. On many occasions, we would be sitting inside the house and she would cower down as one would fly over. The kicker was when we would be outside on the deck and they would fly over. Oh boy was that a trip. We are talking total convulsions practically. However, now we have made a game out of it and she has adjusted well. She now waves to them as they fly by and runs to go outside when she hears one. Not too long ago I had somehow found my way onto a website about a little local family-owned BBQ pit restaurant ( ) built right on an airport landing strip for personal planes. It is about 45 minutes away in a small country town called Carthage. We have talked, for a few months, about going to it and eating while watching the privates planes land and take off. We finally went today and it was GREAT! Kassidy wouldn't even eat because she was so amazed. The planes were less than 15 yards away as they taxied down the runway in front of us. We were sitting under the green roof and the first plane that came in after we were seated was the plane you see in the picture sitting right beside the green roof. You should have seen Kassidy's face as it kept getting within 10 feet of our table. Funny! We saw several people fly in, come over to the restaurant and eat lunch, then go get back in and fly off. They were definitely busy. As soon as one landed another one took off and so on and so forth. We pulled in the parking lot to one coming in and pulled out 1-1/2 hour later with one taking off. I would estimate we saw about 20-30 planes either taking off or landing while we sat and ate. I couldn't eat because Kassidy screamed for me to take a pic of every plane coming and going. She did not want to miss anything. I wish we would have discovered this place earlier. It was a perfect day and we hope to be able to take friends and family who come to visit to enjoy too as long as the weather is cooperating. While they have tables on the inside, it is much more entertaining to sit outside and be able to have a clear view of the planes. This is fun for all ages not to mention good food. That is always a plus and added benefit. For anyone who lives here in the area, I would highly recommend you visit this place and for anyone who doesn't live in the area, come visit and we will treat you to a BBQ plate with a unique experience.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Gotcha Day.......Two Years Ago!

August 18, 2008!!!! That was two years ago and also the day that we were first handed Kassidy. It was a day we will never forget. We had a little celebration for our 2nd Gotcha Day! Every time Kassidy and I go shopping where they sell any type of Disney Princess cakes or spot any Disney Princess balloons (or any balloon for that matter), she always begs for them and I say that we have to wait for her birthday when we have her party. That is why she was a little confused yesterday when I got her a Disney Princess balloon along with a cake with Disney Fairies on it. She kept saying it was her birthday and I tried to explain that it wasn't her birthday yet but it was a special day. We gave her a little gift bag with a few goodies in it too. Turns out she is pretty good at building things as you see her tower of Dairy Queen flavored lip balms. Maybe she will be an archiect. LOL Although she doesn't quite get it now, she will get it soon and having pics of us celebrating the day we got her along with her birthday celebrations will be important and fun to see. Here are some pics of us celebrating with her favorite dinner (spaghetti) and finally being able to get her Princess balloon and Disney Fairies cake!

Summer Visit

Usually every summer we get at least one if not more visitors from some of the kids from WV trying to get a little getaway before heading back to school. This year Bobbi was the only one that got to make it. Reece couldn't come because of football practice. Jodi and I decided to meet halfway for me to pick up Bobbi. We also decided to meet at a hotel and get a room for the night so the girls could swim and we could rest up before getting back on the road again. Kassidy absolutely LOVES getting in a pool. Billy and I even went to Raleigh and stayed overnight in a hotel to give her a chance to get to swim and give us a chance to go to our favorite restaurant in Raleigh. Aunt JoJo and Bobbi immediately upon arrival found us in the pool and changed into their swimsuits and jumped in to play with Kassidy. I can tell you that Kassidy thoroughly enjoyed Bobbi's visit and it made Billy and I feel guilty for not having another sibling for Kassidy to play with and go through life with. But I am sure she will manage and she does have a lot of other cousins that I am sure will include her in everything in the future. During Bobbi's visit we did several things although the camera did not tag along for everything. We went walking downtown, to the children's museum (where Bobbi actually touched a live snake very quickly), Ms. Amy took them to the pool on the base, and we treated Bobbi to going to her favorite restaurant which is the Melting Pot. They did a lot of playing outside in the splash pool, banana slide, sprinkler also. They were a match made in heaven. They would be outside or back in Kassidy's room and all I heard was Bobbi's side splitting laughter as Kassidy enjoyed being a comedian and tried to keep Bobbi laughing at her and I think it worked. Thank you Bobbi for being such a great older cousin and loving Kassidy the way you do. She had a blast! Looking forward to next summer already.

Those Special Friends

Thank goodness for friends who forgive and understand that just because you haven't seen them in person for years that you still love them. Some of us are blessed enough to have those friends whom will always have a special place in our hearts. Having said that, sometimes time just doesn't allow to see them as often as we would like. The great thing about that is it proves who is a die-hard true friend versus those people who come and go in your life. I believe there is nothing more touching than getting together with a friend whom you haven't seen in years and slipping right back into the same comfortable mind set that you can talk freely about important things in your life and their life without skipping a beat as if you have regularly scheduled chats on a daily basis and not just a thing of the past? The relationship of a true friend is just that and one that I feel blessed to have with Ms. Judy. Ms. Judy is someone whom I met when I started working with the state of WV at the capitol complex in Charleston. We have always kept in touch but, as stated, never get to actually see each other in person. I believe we could talk for days nonstop if given the chance. However, we were able to, at least, get a little bit of that in recently. Judy and some of her family and friends made it down to Myrtle Beach for a few days and so she let me know that I definitely was invited and that she would love to see me again and absolutely love to see Kassidy. While we have been in contact via blog, emails, phone calls, etc. like everyone else, she had yet to actually get to meet her in person. I could not allow the chance to go by where I did not take advantage of seeing her. So......Kassidy and I headed to the beach and spent the night with Ms. Judy and her gang. It was sooooo fun. It was great to hug and talk to Judy and get to know some of the important people in her life whom I had heard so much about. Thank you to all of you who made our visit so pleasant. Keith, Judy's brother, was determined to be pegged Kassidy's favorite so he used bribes such as cookies, crackers, cake, ice cream, soda, etc. And guess what? It worked! Imagine that. We definitely couldn't stay any longer than we did or I would have come home with a little girl who thought she was royalty and could get by with murder if she wanted! hehe But really, thank you for making us feel as if we were part of the family and for making room for us. Although I regret no time spent in talking, the camera and picture taking took a back burner. I did not even think until on my way home how little pics I took but I did get a few with Ms. Judy and here they are. To those of you who have those friends who you haven't seen forever.....just do it. It is way worth it and to those friends who wait and still love us.....Thank You for being always being there.