Saturday, February 19, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Thank you to all who sent Kassidy cards and gifts and most of all love her way. She had a great spread-out Valentine's Day with her surprises she was getting in the mail from over the last few weeks from a lot of you from afar. I have said it over and over again that she is blessed to have so many people in her life that keep her in their thoughts even though we aren't in each other's lives actively everyday. She should never question as to whether or not her family and friends who live in different states love her and remember her often and just to let you know....she loves you too! We show her pictures of everyone and trigger her memory as often as we can so that she knows who we are talking about when she talks to you on the phone or receives something in the mail from one of you.
Just want to specifically thank you guys:
Angel and crew for the bear, cute plates, gift card, candy, and fake rose (which I think was her favorite gift out of your whole box because it reminded her of the Sleeping Beauty rose). hehe! Also...we took her to the circus and it was soooo bad and boring that we left at intermission and the only thing good that night was a free meal on you from Applebees. Thank You!
Mimi and PopPop for the cute dress, candy and frog PJ's. I think those are my favorite PJ's she has. They are adorable!
Uncle Eddie and Aunt Debbie for the card, money and adorable swimsuit. When her daddy saw the swimsuit he just sighed and looked away. I think it was just getting to be too much thinking of her being prissy in something like that in a few years. I think he will take away all of our swimsuit privileges before too long. :P
Savannah for the homemade note and her valentine's card along with a pixie stick. I thought for sure that she would take the first bit of the pixie straw and give me a terrible look because it was sour but instead she couldn't get the rest down fast enough. She really liked it Savannah as you can see in the pic where she is licking her lips trying to get it off her lips not to waste any of it. That was so sweet of you to think of her. Love you and miss you.
Aunt JoJo and her crew for the book and card. And you were right, she liked the card better than the book. Her daddy took her to Chick-Fil-A shortly after she got it and she had to take her card along with her. She did not want to part from it. Funny. Tonight we will be reading her book when she goes to bed.
Mamaw Beep Beep for the card. She enjoys getting your cards that you send every now and then. (Kim or Jodi: tell mamaw thank you since I know she will not read this on the computer.)
Aunt Jean for the cards too. She certainly remembers you and we show her your picture often on the computer.
Some of you may think it is crazy to go to the lengths of thanking everyone personally for specific items but it is important for us to do that. We know how hard it can be to take the time out of your busy schedules to send things her way. Just going to the store and purchasing a gift or card takes enough time but to pack it and lug it to the post office is a lot for a lot of people to do. While the gifts are nice, it is the thought of you thinking and going to such trouble to do all that goes along with it. We just want you to know how much YOU are appreciated. We love you and miss you all.