Friday, February 17, 2012

A Coke and a Smile

I don't let Kassidy have much Coke BUT every now and then I let her have one of the fun little old-fashioned Coke bottles. What's more American than a coke and a hot dog??? Gotta love it.

Sleepover Fun Once Again

We have been promising Kassidy for sometime now to go to the beach so she could get a swim in. Unfortunately, it always kept getting pushed back for one reason or another so...we just made a local stop at our friendly Doubletree Hotel in town and made it a fun sleepover with a few friends. Needless to say, it was a hit! Such fun and such sweet faces. It's so fun to see kids genuinely having fun. It is all worth the money, time, energy, etc.

Our Valentine Gifts to One Another

I got some nice gifts from Billy and Kassidy including some beautifully colored roses that I absolutely loved along with some high-calorie items. Billy got a watch from Kassidy and I that was meant for his birthday next month BUT since he is the one always watching out for boxes coming into the house, he saw it a bit early so he ended up with it on Valentine's Day. what is in the future for birthday boy next month???? (not much...hehe). Kassidy...well...spoiled again....need I say more? Hope everyone had a great day and felt a little love, which is definitely needed for more than one day out of the year, but I guess nice to have another day just to make the stores rich!

Valentine cards and gifts from FL and WV

PopPop and MiMi sent K some Valentine's gifts along from Ms. Carolyn in Florida. I got some beautiful items also from Ms. Carolyn. She loved them, obviously, as you can see. What kid doesn't get excited when getting mail with nice surprises??!! Also, Mamaw Beep Beep showed off her artistic skills by making us a homemade Valentine's Day card. I sure missed that gene in our family. She is such a natural. Thanks so much to you all for taking the time to help put a little extra excitement in our household.