Thursday, December 11, 2008

Santa Horror!

Well....all I can say is that we really didn't expect much more than this for this year. Hopefully next year she will have a better concept of Santa and not be as scared but we will just have to wait and see. Most everyone has at least one screaming picture with Santa and this is definitely ours! :)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Birthday Pictures

Here are her birthday pictures we had made. I wanted to wait to post these until we had given everyone their pictures that we had made for them for Christmas but not everyone is getting one and I couldn't wait to show them. So sorry for ruining it before you get them but I'm sure you understand. So far she has had three rounds of professional pictures done and all three rounds were like pulling teeth to get her to smile or take a picture that we could actually use. She definitely does not enjoy this part of being cute because all we want to do is take pictures. But we were able to get a few really cute ones as you can see so that is all we needed. We still need to go see Santa Claus so the verdict is out on her reaction to him but I can take a guess based on past experiences when there wasn't a scary looking hairy man in a red suit taking me away from mommy! hehe We will see.

Funny Faces (cont'd)

Funny Faces

Our niece Bobbi decided to take my camera and have everyone make funny faces so she can take a picture of them. Once I saw them, I knew I had to post them. They are too funny. No one can get mad because I even put the one of me in there. Hope they do not scare you too much.

More Niece and Nephew Pics

Birthday Presents, More Family, and Tissue Paper

Here are a couple pics of her with a toy or two that she got for her birthday. Also it shows Nikki and Billy spending some quality time with our nieces and nephews. Yes our time is more limited now with them due to Kassidy but our love for them is still overflowing. If you ever wondered how Kassidy did in the car rides back and forth from NC to is one pic to show how she helps pass her time.

Pics of Kassidy with Mommy and Daddy

Here are some pics of us with Kassidy, which was hard to do because everyone else wanted to get their hands on her but we can understand why.

Aunts, Uncles, and other Family Members

Here are some more pics with various people including aunts, uncles, more cousins, etc. She seemed to go to some people she would not go to so easily last time and not have anything to do with others that she liked last time. Go figure. I guess she is just giving everyone their turn at being her picks.

Proud Grandparents and Great Grandmother

I think the smiles on the faces speak for themselves! :)


It is fun to get home to see the family and I am always hoping for some good pics with our family. Some pics you may see kissing cousins. hehe Here are some pics of her with some of her cousins from WV and Billy and Emily who came all the way from TN to see her for the first time. We were so glad to be able to introduce them. They had a blast with her and vice versa. Not all cousins are pictured here but will be put throughout the other posts as I can only post so many pics per post.

Birthday Parties in WV

Kassidy was able to celebrate her birthday a few days late with family when we got home to WV. She had a party at Aunt Jodi's house and then another at Mimi and Pop Pops house. It was fun to see people we normally do not get a chance to see and be able to show off Kassidy to a few people who had yet to see her. Here are a few pics of her getting into the cakes especially made for her. As you can see, she is not too worried about getting messy.