Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ready for Bible Class

When Kassidy and I went home to WV awhile back, Aunt Jodi bought her this cute little dress outfit. She wore it Sunday morning to church and looked so cute I had to take pictures. She was cracking me up posing for me. I love the hands on the hips. She sooooooo knows she is cute! I don't know if that is a good thing or bad thing. Will have to try to keep that little ego in check as she gets older I'm afraid. LOL :)

Gymnastic Class

Here are some new pics of Kassidy in her gymnastics class today. Ms. Amy came to help so we could get some more pics to post on the blog. For some reason, all pics we take in this gym are blurry. I think the lights make it do that but I got a few more. She is getting better and better. She still doesn't know exactly what to do with some of the moves but she is better than the first class and she is having fun which is all that matters.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fun in the Sun (Part 2)

Some more fun today was spraying Kassidy with the water hose. It might look like she is crying or mad but that is just her laughing face so don't be fooled and call me a mean mommy. hehe She also decided her car and ball needed washed too. It was fun watching her expressions as she walked into the stream of water hitting her in the face. She loved it.

Fun in the Sun

Today was such beautiful weather. Seems we have been having many days lately and so we have been taking advantage of them by spending time outside before it starts getting cold. I really wish it could be like this year round. Here is Kassidy playing in her sandbox.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Just a Few New Pics

Hey everyone. We hope everyone had a fun and relaxing Labor Day weekend. I just wanted to post a few new pics. The pics above show Kassidy with my friend Cindy that I used to work with. Kassidy really took up to her this time. She actually had a shower for me shortly after we got back from China with all my ex-coworkers. We invited Cindy over for a cookout this past weekend. We get together with Cindy every now and then and Kassidy never offered to have much to do with her but when she came to our house the other day she wanted to sit on her lap the whole time. Cindy is in a wheelchair and so Kassidy wanted her to take her for rides in it and every time I turned around she was climbing up in it to go for a whirl.
There are also a few random shots of Kassidy in the bathtub, getting ready to go to gymnastics, doodling on her Aquadoodle pad, and Kassidy going for a ride in the neighborhood in her little car. Thank goodness the weather is cooling down some now so we have been spending a little more time outside over the last few weeks and it has been so nice.
Daycare update--So far so good! This was my last ditch effort to try to integrate Kassidy into some daycare for one to two days a week so she could socialize more with other kids and learn how to be a little more independent from me. Don't get me wrong......the most used word in my house right now is "mommy" coming from Kassidy and she says it so cute I can't hardly stand it. But I don't want her to think she cannot live without having me by her side 24/7 so this is why I have been trying to find the right fit to put her in daycare. This lady (Ms. Darlene) is so wonderful! I just sing her praises. She has managed to put Kassidy and I both at ease. While she has only been there twice (once last Monday for half a day and Thursday for a full day), I really think this is going to work. One of my main concerns was naptime but on Thursday Ms. Darlene said that after Kassidy laid down on the mat for 5 minutes she was out like a light and slept for 1-1/2 hours. I think she really feels at ease there and I like that she is being stimulated both mentally and physically by playing with the other kids. So......for now that is the update on daycare and I hope to have many more posts in the future on how wonderful that is going.
We got to talk to Billy today on the webcam for the first time since he has been gone. She saw him on the computer and pointed and started hollering "Daddy." I wish now I would have taken a pic to put on the blog but I will try to do that the next time so I can post. There is no chance of her forgetting her daddy like I feared. She knew exactly who that was before I could even tell her. It was so touching. She just kept pointing at him on the computer and saying daddy over and over and then crawled up to the computer screen and kept wanting to kiss him. It broke my heart but also made me so happy because I know she still remembers him and I hope that when he gets to come on R&R that she will be very receptive to him.
Have a good weekend all and I will try to post more pics in the near future.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Having Fun Today

Today we were rather busy running errands and still inquiring and visiting other daycare options to get her playing with other kids and give me some time to do errands or just have a few hours to relax once a week for a few hours. The last one did not work out either. On her second day they called me to come and get her because she would not lay down for naptime. But it was her second day so go figure. I thought they might work with her to get her acclimated to the routine and environment but guess not so I have decided to look for other criteria in a different type of home day care center where it is smaller and maybe are more flexible with things, at least while they are just starting and trying to get adjusted. I have a lead on one that I talked to the person for awhile this evening that seems very nice on the phone and has calmed some of my fears I have with the other past experiences so we will be meeting with her tomorrow to check it out. Finding a good day care provider that gives both Kassidy and I a comfortable feeling with the appropriate background checks and good reviews have been quite difficult and stressful but I am hoping that this one works out. The ironic thing is that this same lady also cares for a 3-year-old little girl from China who was adopted so I am hoping that is a sign from God and that this will actually work out. Out of all the people whom I have talked with this lady seems to ease my nerves a little more than most so please keep your fingers crossed and here to hoping that Kassidy and I both get the warm and fuzzy feelings for this particular daycare home center and that we are making the right decision in what we are doing in order to help her be around other kids and have fun. Today we started out the day with visiting a daycare center where I got along with my social worker the same government websites that monitor these people who run them and rate them and give background checks, etc. Now all I have to go on is mother's intuition and Kassidy's reaction. After checking out daycare options for the first part of the morning, we then went to gymnastics, Asian supermarket and a Korean restaurant named Yummy's and it certainly is if that is your type thing. I took some pics of her today in her gymnastics uniform with the addition of her new Dora hat and sunglasses. She is becoming a real ham for the camera so I got a few good pics to share. Also there are some of her playing with her kitchen set washing an apple and making tea. She was having a blast. Hope you enjoy.