Tuesday, November 30, 2010

B-day Party

Can you believe it? She is 3!!!! I really had not put on a big birthday bash for her until this year. We had always celebrated her birthday at family gatherings which was great too. But...I decided this year to invite other little ones her age and people who were important in our lives to celebrate this day with us. Kassidy had a blast. There were so many people that came and we appreciated them taking the time out of their day to do so. We rented a party room at the Children's Museum so that after the party the kids could just go and run off energy throughout the museum playing make believe. Kids love the place and we thought it was the perfect place or a party. She looked at this birthday cake every couple weeks when we would go grocery shopping and she always said it was her birthday cake so we HAD to get it for the party. Hope everyone had fun because I know we did!

B-day Gifts

Kassidy is so blessed to have so many people who love her. Unfortunately, many of those people live far away and are not able to see her personally and celebrate her birthday with us but that didn't stop them from mailing her gifts, which she loves getting. PopPop and MiMi sent Kassidy a really pretty ballerina jewelry box. We have to get it down everyday and open it up and listen to the music. Uncle Eddie and Aunt Debbie also sent her a Tinkerbell outfit, which went well with her birthday party theme so she got to wear that to herparty. Also, Uncle Terry and Aunt Emily sent Kassidy a card and $20. Thank you all for thinking of her. She loved every card and gift.

Fun with Mamaw Beep Beep

Mamaw Beep Beep is always a fun time for her grandchildren and great grandchildren. I don't know many 83-year-old women who can keep up with a 3-year-old kid like she does. I never remember a time when mamaw was not full and energetic with kids. Usually when you see an 83-year-old woman rolling around in the floor it's usually because she has fallen and can't get up. Well.......she did this voluntarily. As you can see they both had a very fun visit with one another. Kassidy cannot wait to go to Mamaw Beep Beep's house and Aunt JoJo's house for Christmas.

Presents and Reunions

We got a call from Mamaw Beep Beep and she wanted to come visit us. She was missing her Kassidy. So....Kassidy and I met Jodi halfway in VA to pickup mamaw to come home with us for awhile. Jodi surprised us by bring along Kassidy's little cousin Jaxon (or Jacksey) as Kassidy calls him. They also brought along some birthday gifts for Kassidy and I. Aunt JoJo and her crew along with Uncle Clint and his crew got together and bought Kassidy the most beautiful silver engraved trinket box with a beautiful silver and pearl bracelet. Also, they sent me several gifts which was fun to open. Cannot wait to see everyone when we come home for the holidays.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Disney Princesses on Ice

Finally, after over three long months of having the tickets and waiting, Kassidy had her special night. I purchased tickets over three months ago to go see the Disney on Ice Princess show. I made the HUGE mistake of telling her and ever since she has asked me every single day at least 10 times a day if it was time to go see the "Princesses Skate." AHHHH I am so glad it is over. It was a great show as usual and we all thoroughly enjoyed it. Before the show we went to Samurai's for dinner. Here are some pics of our night out on the town.