Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Fourth of July and the NC Zoo

While we love fireworks, fighting the traffic to get there and also taking a chance at whether or not Kassidy would be afraid of the loud noise, we decided to make our highlight of the Fourth of July holiday be a trip to the NC Zoo. It turned out to be great weather and a great day for taking the 5-mile journey through the zoo. We have been waiting, since we got Kassidy, to take her to the zoo because we wanted her to be old enough to enjoy the animals and that she did. It turned out to be an absolutely fun day with fun memories. She loves birds but the favorite of all of ours was the gorilla. They are just amazing to watch. They mimic so many of human being's actions. Hope everyone had a good Fourth of July holiday.

New Addition to the Family

Every Spring/Summer we get a bird's nest in both corners of our front porch. We have had many births on that front porch but I seem to never get a pic of the baby birds before they fly off and the next bunch of eggs are laid. We did, however, get these babies pic. How cute are they?

What to do on a hot summer day? Well.....we have went out and invested in a kiddie pool, a ladybug sprinkler, a slip-n-slide, bubbles, and sidewalk chalk. It is so hot outside that about the only thing you can do is an activity that involves cool water. Allie and Grace got to come and stay overnight since their mom was out of town for work one weekend and these are some pics of all of them playing outside and including some pics of them conked out or ready to conk out.


Karla came to pick up the girls for their visit to TN for the summer. Little Billy was not able to come but Emily did and she and Kassidy had a blast together. I wish they lived closer so they could play and see each other more often. Also, Kassidy is not good at all when it comes to sharing her mommy and daddy. If someone so much as rubs up against her mommy or daddy she can become very upset but, for some reason, she allowed Emily to hug and kiss on Billy without any temper tantrums which is a very big thing.

Father's Day

On Father's Day, Kassidy and I took Billy to the Myrtle Beach. He had been talking for sometime about wanting to go to his favorite restaurant there so we made reservations for both the restaurant and a room for a one-night stay. For just one night and two days, we had a great time. The pool and ocean temperatures were both just perfect. While Kassidy immensely enjoyed the pool, she screamed bloody murder to get out of the ocean. It was the first time for many years that I was able to go into the ocean because usually the water is not warm enough for me so I just waded in it with Kassidy with the tide hitting around our calves but she wanted nothing to do with it. While I enjoyed walking about in the ocean for a few minutes, Billy took her back to the pool area which she could not get enough of. We are not ones to go out and sit in the heat and sun usually nor do we usually get in the ocean so we make our beach trips usually when it is cooler and less crowded but being able to wade in the warm ocean water and have the pool temperature be spot on, we are contemplating maybe going again soon for a night or two before summer is over and it starts to cool down again.

Just Hangin' Out

Just some fun pics of having fun with daddy and playing with one of the many gizmos that she cons him into buying every time they go out. How about the fashion statement with the two different shoes and half of an outfit? Trendsetter? I hope not!