Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Just Plain Ole Cute

Here are some various pics that are just for the purpose of being cute. When she first got some of her riding toys, she was too little to be able to get on them by herself and do anything fun with them but now she is ready to go. She even does stunts on them now to mommy's dismay. She has a little shopping cart that she has learned to climb on the rollers and into the buggy portion and stands up. The only problem is she doesn't know how to get out so she stands there and holds her arms out and cries for us to get her out. I guess the stunts come with being young and trying to take chances so all we can do is try to catch her as many times as possible before the fall happens. So far we have been successful but I'm sure there will be those times coming shortly. She is so amused with her houseshoes in that one pic. We realized she had some shoes that now fit that included the houseshoes and she wore those all day long and kept looking down in awesome wonder of what was on her feet. I love it when she cracks up because she will cover her mouth like she is trying to hide that she is laughing. The pic of her in the my dad rocks t-shirt speaks for itself. So darn cute! We are blessed and everytime I look at her sleeping, or get a kiss, or even update this blog I am reminded how blessed we are and how the time is going by so fast in the little bit of time we have already had her. She has changed and grown so much not only physically but emotionally and developmentally also. I know she was always meant to be ours and I cannot wait to see what all the future holds for her. Thanks to all of you for viewing our blog and loving our little girl. Until next time.

More Chinese New Year Pics

Chinese New Year

We really were not planning on doing much for Chinese New Year but during the day I saw some decorations in the office that were peaking out through some bags. The decorations were left overs from the open house we had for her back in WV so I just decided to take them out and decorate the kitchen table and then we would dress up in our Chinese attire and have Chinese food for dinner. I have several different little cute Chinese dresses that we bought for Kassidy and never have a particular reason for her to wear them so this gave me a chance to dig one out and have her wear it before she grows out of it. It was all worth it just to see her all dressed up. SO CUTE! You will see what I mean with the pictures. She is cute anyways but this dress made her look like the genuine princess that she is.

Chucky Cheese

Mommy and Daddy went temporarily insane. We were trying to figure out something to do on Martin Luther King Jr. holiday since daddy was off work so we decided to take Kassidy to Chucky Cheese. When we first walked in, she was a little taken back by all the kids running and screaming. Daddy put her on a motorcycle ride and she immediately started crying and clinging onto him for dear life. So we went to our table and in the more quiet section where the birthday party tables are set up and where they have the screens playing music and the mechanical Chucky Cheese sits. When the Chucky Cheese turned on mommy took her up there and at first she wanted as far away as possible but then later became intrigued. After we ate our pizza, we put her down from the high chair and off she went. She did not even look back to see if we were following her. The time of being scared was a faint memory. We took turns just walking behind her as she strolled along the floor watching the kids playing. I think she liked watching the kids better than anything else. She finally got into doing some of the games and carousels and such herself also. We also got a treat when Chucky Cheese came out in full live mode. We got a pic with him and she was just in awe and kept pointing at him. Although it was Chucky Cheese, which we always vowed we would never go to, it was still fun to see her have so much fun so we figured out that MUST be why every other adult endures it too. hehe Just don't forget the antibacterial hand wipes when you go which I made us all wipe down with as we exited the building. But all in all it was a good experience and one that I am sure she will be begging for when she figures it all out.

More Snow Pics

Inauguration Day and SNOW!!!!!

WOW...what a day! No matter what religion, race, ethnic background, gender, age, or political party even the inauguration day of President Barack Obama was monumental and something I believe is very exciting for people living today. With myself being a news junkie (i.e. before Kassidy), it was hard to pull myself away from the inauguration events happening on the television to go play in the snow. That's right, I said snow! In February, Billy and I have been here for nine years. While many people come and go and nine years to stay in one place in the military is a long time we have managed to do so. We hope that we can be here even longer since we have bought a house, have a wonderful church family, and friends that we can depend on. However, one of the things we have missed out on is the snow that we are used to getting in WV. Since living here in NC, we have had an ice storm which is not really fun at all and only a few snow dustings that really did not amount to much at all. On January 20, 2009, it finally came and it came and it came and it came. It did not stop all during the night before and snowed half of the day on Tuesday. We got around 6 inches of snow. As you can see in the pics, we took Kassidy out but she was less than thrilled. She liked walking around but as soon as she would fall or I would try to bury her legs in the snow, she started crying. It probably didn't help because we bundled her up so tightly that she could not move. I'm sure as she grows older she will appreciate the snow more, especially when it means no school days. The kids in our county was off school all week long except for Friday and then they were made to go on Saturday which would not be fun. Hope you enjoy the pics and sorry it took so long to get them on the blog as usual.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Homeless Shelter (See last post for info)

New Years

Hello all and a Happy New Year to you. We have been very busy from one holiday to another holiday but for New Years we kind of just chilled out somewhat. We had the girls (Amanda, Kristen, and Marissa) over for a sleepover on New Years Eve and had so much fun that two of them stayed an extra night. Kassidy has a blast with them and they seem to like her a tad too! :) They brought their video game system over and the girls and Billy liked challenging each other and were very competitive which I thought was rather halarious. Considering I cannot even turn on a video system game (notice I am calling it very generically video system game because I am so ignorant of those things that I don't even know how to spell it). Not my cup of tea you might say but it sure was fun to watch them. On New Years Day, Billy and Kassidy held down the fort at home and the girls and I went to the church building to go downtown to help feed the homeless. Our congregation does this at least three times a month however I had never attended. I thought that since the girls were with me that it might be a good opportunity to take them and for me also. It was definitely rewarding and the girls did so well. It is a small house with many people coming in and out for food. We gave them a meal and then we as a small group sang a few songs and one of the guys from our church gave a devotional to any who wanted to stay after dinner to hear it. It really is a good opportunity to get out in the world and spread the word of God. I have included some pics of us at the church building meeting the others to go to the shelter and also some of the girls helping to sort out clothing that we were taking to the shelter. Again, I hope you had a good New Years holiday but hope even more that your year to come brings blessings galore!

Christmas (Part 6)

Chistmas (Part 5)