Wednesday, April 29, 2009

All American Girl and a Surprise From Daddy

Kassidy has been sick with a cold and cough lately and so yesterday we took her to the doctor and had to go on base to do some things and everywhere we went they went on about how cute and adorable her outfit was so I thought I would share some pics I got of her yesterday in it.
Also Billy sent us a surprise delivery today by Edible Arrangements which makes fruit baskets in the design of a floral arrangement. They are really good and Kassidy got to it faster than mommy since daddy had the right timing and had called during the delivery time so while mommy talking to daddy Kassidy was chowing away at it. We are so sweet to have such a wonderful daddy and husband who thinks of us when he is the one that is in harms way and is sacrificing more so than we can even imagine. We love you honey and cannot wait to get you in our arms again.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Kassidy's Very Own Pool and Miss Independent

After the beach, we blew up our little splash pool for Kassidy because it is really getting very hot now so I thought I would get it up and going. Today was the first day she actually spent some real time in it and she absolutely loved it. I'm sure it is not as fun as the one at the beach but it does the job for her.
She also likes eating by herself. Some things of course she has not been very successful at so I feed her things that are more liquidy myself but she was so proud to be turned loose on the pancakes in the picture and thought she was really being a big girl doing it all by herself. It was actually a nice break for me instead of having to sit and feed her every bite until she was done. She is really becoming more independent of doing certain things and she knows it and always claps and waits for my praise once doing so. We are so proud of her and cannot wait to see what the next few months will bring.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Mix II

Some more cuties.

A Mix

This is just a mix of pics taken from Aunt Jodi's condo, our hotel room (which we stayed at a couple extra days after everyone was gone), and a pic of Kassidy with Bobbi and Reece for breakfast at the House of Blues before they left.

Ripley's Aquarium

As you saw from our trip to Wilmington's Fort Fisher Aquarium, she totally loves fish and any kind of species from the water or any animal for that matter. Anytime she sees any kind of animal or fish, etc. she starts pointing and barking like a dog. She knows that a dog is the animal that barks but has not figured out every animal's distinct sound so she uses the bark sound just out of total excitement and a means in which to tell us that she sees an animal and she wants it! LOL As you can see on some of the expressions on her face and all the pointing in these pics, she is totally amused by the species.

Picture Perfect Part 2

Picture Perfect

These pictures were worth the whole trip. It takes my breath away everytime I look at them. When you combine the beautiful creation that God has made with the innocence of a child, what could possibly be better?????

Sandbox on Steroids and Pool

Billy and I have been wondering how she would react to a pool and the ocean. Many children are either scared to death or go full force showing no fear. Seems that she is the latter of the two. She loved both of them. She would chase the birds as they went into the ocean not caring at all at the vastness of the ocean or even the bone-chilling temperature of the water. She also loved the pool. Fortunately, our hotel room filled their outdoor pool with warm water which was even warmer than her bath water normally and that really made me glad since I am a major whimp when it comes to pool temperature. If it is not bathwater temp then you will not find me in there so we were pleasantly surprised and able to enjoy the pool which she did so. Because of her love of the water, I think swim lessons will be sometime in the near future. I also think she thought of her sandbox at home and thought that the one at the beach was much better.....then who wouldn't, right?

Mamaw Beep Beep and the Sandbox

The white-haired lady you see in this blog post is none other than Mamaw Beep Beep. My mom and her sister both began the grandchildren process by having my cousin and I a month apart. We were the oldest grandchildren and so mamaw was just starting what was to become a grandmother of many. Many laugh when I refer to my grandmother as Mamaw Beep Beep and I always have to explain myself. The story starts when I was just little and my parents had their first place in an apartment beside a main road. My mamaw is known for being on the road and going here, there and everywhere all the time. Even at the age of 81, she still goes strong and never slows down and that is also probably the reason she is still full of life and can sometimes get around better than some of us grandkids. But anyways.....when I was little and she would constantly be driving by the apartment where we lived and everytime she would drive by she would beep her horn to let us know she was near. Evidently that horn beeped on a rather frequent basis so my dad starting calling her Mamaw Beep Beep and hence the name stuck and now all her grandchildren and great grandchildren call her Mamaw Beep Beep just like it was a regular thing to do, which it is for us but everyone else seems to get a kick out of it. We had a blast with mamaw during the time that she spent with Kassidy and I at our house before we headed to join the rest of the crew at the beach and her and Kassidy seemed to develop a bond that I am very grateful to have happened. Not many people get to meet their great grandmother much less have one to be so involved in their life. We are hoping this summer to be able to have her down again and spend some more time with her. She has always been an active part in all our lives which includes somewhere in the neighborhood of 11 grandchildren and 11 great grandchildren.
The sandbox pics are pictures that were taken on Easter after lunch and before everyone headed off to the beach. I guess you could say everyone was getting broken in on the sand before hitting the beach.