Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Daddy's Home!

He finally got home for his 2-week stay at home. As soon as we saw him Kassidy started showing off and went right to him. Although, when we asked who he was she did not quite know but by the end of the night she was referring to him as daddy. I think she felt familiar and comfortable with him but just was confused that he was actually standing in front of her instead of in a picture frame. But she was a ham from the word go. Here are some pics I got of them two in the first few minutes we were together at the airport and also some right when we got home. She wouldn't let him go inside without first giving her a whirl around in her car outside.

Birthday Present

Uncle Clint, Aunt Cindy and cousins Jaxon and Ayden sent Kassidy and I birthday cards and sent Kassidy a doll baby. She couldn't wait to get it out of the box as you can see in the pictures. However, after the first five minutes out of the box I could have sworn I heard it crying to get back in. It sure looked better in the box than after she got a hold of it. I told her that I didn't think her calling was to become a hairstylist. And what is it with kids always wanting to undress their dolls first thing? Thank you guys for the cards and gift. She really likes it as you can see.

Just Cute

Here are some pics shot that were just cute. Also....she carries a little stool around with her everywhere she goes so that she can get into just about anything she wants to get into. I had made a cake and set it on top of the counter and covered it with Reynolds Wrap and she got her stool, got into her silverware drawer and got a fork out and then proceeded to unwrap the cake and eat it right out of the pan. Instead of asking me for something, she has now decided it is too much of a risk of me saying no so she has come up with her own system to do things on her own so that she doesn't get told she is not allowed.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Visitors From the Past

I think everybody can relate to losing touch with some of the best of friends as your lives sometimes takes different roads. There are so many people that I considered as good friends at one time but it turns out that keeping in touch was put on the backburner as we went our separate ways after high school. Fortunately, a couple holidays seasons ago, I ran into an old friend, Mashawn, at the mall back in WV who I was friends with from kindergarten to high school graduation. She is living in VA now and has recently had her first child. She is only about 3-1/2 hours away from me and so once we ran into each other we exchanged numbers and kept in touch since and have seen each other a couple times since then. Mashawn and her little baby, Jackson, came to visit Kassidy and I on Friday and left today (Sunday) to go back home. It was such a wonderful visit and I am so glad we were able to reconnect like we have. We were talking about how sometimes it is a bit akward at first when you spend time with someone whom you have not been around for years but we just picked up where we left off and I think every waking moment we did not shut up with reminiscing and talking about our present lives. It turns out that she was a like me and ended up getting married a little later in life and also recently just had a child. It was so good to be able to get together and watch our little ones play with each other and just have good girl talk. I wasn't sure how Kassidy would react to Jackson with him only being 7 months old but she did really good. She would always go over and touch him gently and hug and kiss him. The only thing she did was her normal which is everytime I would hold him she would have to climb upon my lap too and if I kissed him then she would need a kiss from me too just to remind me if I had forgotten that SHE is MY baby! Like I could forget that, right? are some pics of our little ones being affectionate towards each other and in their matching WV outfits. There are also some pics of a rocking chair that we got for Kassidy when we visited the Arts and Crafts Fair that was going on this weekend. I couldn't pass it up because it was cute and pretty.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

New Outfit and Still Potty Training

Yesterday Kassidy got a package in the mail with a new outfit and lip balm from MiMi and PopPop. We went to my doctor's appt. today and she got commented on how cute it was on her. So here are some pictures of her in her new outfit. Also....we went to Target and got some cute little panties and some of the plastic bloomers that go over them so we can start the next phase of potty training. She still is not conquering the whole thing so I am hoping that by putting regular underwear on her she will not like the moisture and yuckiness of it against her skin and not absorbing into a diaper. We will see! Here she is showing off her new underwear! hehe

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick or Treat (Cont'd)

Trick or Treat Night

Kassidy and I decided it would be much funner at her age to just stay at home and pass out candy to the many trick or treaters we get at our house. I am used to trick or treating back home where it is a small community and the only people that generally come trick or treating is family members or close friends. She dressed up like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz since that is her favorite movie to watch. She was all decked out with her Dorothy dress, matching hair bows, red shoes and even down to having Toto sitting beside her in a basket. It was a lot of fun. Kassidy was having a blast UNTIL.....a little boy came with a scary costume and mask on. She was very busy at the time because there were a lot of trick or treaters right in a row so she was keeping busy just getting the candy and putting it in everybody bags and so when he walked up she did not immediately look up but rather filled her hand with candy to give him. As she got ready to drop the candy in his bag, she glanced up at who she was giving the candy too only too find a not so friendly face. All of a sudden she screamed, took a few steps back, and threw the candy at him with it all landing on the sidewalk. I couldn't help but laugh. The little boy felt bad and took his mask off to show her that he wasn't really a scary monster after all. But....after that she decided that she would be more attentive as to who was actually walking upon her and she also decided I would now become the official candy handout person. She still wanted to stay outside but opted to keep her distance at any approaching trick or treaters. She would stand at the porch and yell for people on the street walking by to come get their candy whether they had been by earlier or not. She thought that there should be a line I guess and not have to have any wait time in between giving out candy. We had a good time. I am going to take advantage of staying home now because I know I will not have any more Halloween nights left that staying at home will be an option. Enjoy your Halloween pics of Kassidy.

Halloween Card and Funny Faces

This child is so funny! She comes up with all different types of faces that she makes and it just cracks me up. I just have to share a few of them.
She also got a Halloween card from Mommy and Daddy that was a sound card that had Dora on it.

A Special Treat for Kassidy

Aunt Jodi surprised Kassidy with an Edible Arrangement and sent it to our house for a Halloween gift. I told her earlier in the week that Kassidy did not need anymore candy so she got creative and sent the Edible Arrangement that is made out of fresh fruit with shapes of ghosts, flowers, etc. They are very pretty and very tasty. Here are some pics of Kassidy chowing down on some fruit. Some of the fruit looked like flowers so she was trying to smell them and eat them all at the same time.