Monday, May 10, 2010

Mothers Day Weekend in Atlanta

We had a wonderful weekend aside from the traveling time on the road. Billy has a close friend he met here at Fort Bragg while working with him. They share the same interests and he and Billy have remained close even after a move. Drew and his wife, Mila, invited us for a celebratory get together to not only spend time with one another but to also celebrate their little girl who a lot of us had yet to meet and anticipate the next new addition to their family in the near future. Drew left Fayetteville and moved to Atlanta a couple years ago and during that time he got married to a very sweet woman whom was living in Russia at the time. She moved here along with her mother and then shortly after that entered into the equation a very beautiful and precious little girl named Olivia. Over the weekend, we were able to meet a lot of people whom we have heard about for such a long time and it was great. Also, they had not yet seen Kassidy so we shared showing off our children to one another with pride. Both of these little girls already have their daddies wrapped around their little fingers. On the downside, we did not think very strategically about the time we would spend in the car within a two-day period. It was a hard drive up one day and back the next but well worth it. Another negative is that I forgot my camera and therefore have no pictures of our get together and the girls together. Even though there is only a year's difference between Olivia and Kassidy, you would have thought Kassidy was 15 years old because all she did was kiss Olivia's head and put out her arms and say "Come here." She wanted to hold Olivia all the time. It was a great time that I wish I had pictures of but it will have to wait until next time. Thank you Drew and Mila for all your hospitality and the trouble you went to in order to make us feel welcome and definitely for the wonderful Russian food that we enjoyed. Here is a belated happy Mother's Day. I hope all of you mothers were pampered and taken care of well on your special day.

New Season New Clothes

MiMi and PopPop are really good about making sure that her wardrobe is loaded with season-appropriate clothes. I think the only other thing she likes better than clothes is opening the packages that she gets them in. Here she is modeling her latest clothes that she got from them. She immediately, like always, started stripping to begin changing from one outfit to the other. Thank You!