Monday, January 18, 2010

More WV Pics

Aunt Debbie and Uncle Eddie took some pics at Bob Evans when we met them and just sent them to me. I decided to add a few to the website because they got some really good ones and also included some of the weather and beautiful snow scenes that I did not capture in pics while I was there. I have to say that I really miss the snow every now and then but I do not miss it being as cold as it was when we visited. Also....that woman in the red shirt...that would be me. It was nice to actually get a decent pic of Kassidy and I together. I am always the one taking the pics which is fine by me because I do not like pics of me but I do, however, like to see Kassidy and I cuddled up every now and then.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Another Bath

he loves taking baths and I had to catch a few shots of her while ago. She loves her bath crayons as you can see and I do believe she thinks she is the regular little artist now. I think her full blown laughs and the way she cracks herself up is so halarious. Just wanted to share. You can never have enough bath moments. They are always so cute!

First Nap in Bed/First Trip to Movies/Library Trip

I am amazed at how many firsts' we are still having with her already being two years old. It is so fun to watch her do things, say things and experience things for the very first time and I am trying so hard to get it recorded by either camera, journaling, etc because I never want to forget it and I want her to know how important it was to us as she experienced things for the first time. I love how technology enables you to have these memories for a lifetime. Today, Kassidy and I went to the library. Although we had been to the library for storytime before, we had never actually checked out any books or movies yet. So today we renewed our library card and checked out several books and movies. Some movies are on potty training which I hope she will be able to conquer shortly but that remains to be seen. I thought a year ago we had already conquered it but then she had a change of mind. After talking to several people, I am chilling out and trying not to stress her out as I may have been doing recently. Hopefully, she will come along and decide to cooperate as she knows what to do and when to do it but she is just fighting me on it. We are getting ready to get out a few books and read them shortly because it is almost bedtime but we had to get a bath in first before church services tomorrow because I never do well with getting out of here on time.
Another first that you see in these pictures are we went to her first movie yesterday. She has an Alvin and the Chipmunks DVD that she enjoys watching and lately when the commerical for the new Alvin and the Chipmunks movie plays on the TV she points and screams. I had been wanting to take her but putting it off because I wanted Billy to be here for her first movie but we had not had a "fun day" together for some time with the holidays, traveling and being sick so I gave in and we went ahead and went. We went during a weekday when everyone was in school/work so the theater was not that crowded so she had the aisle to herself. She did rather well. We got the row with the walkway and rail in front of us as to not bother anyone else and give her some wiggle room. It was perfect. She sat down off and on between her getting up in her chair and on the floor and dancing jigs along with the chipmunks. It was halarious. But we, of course, had the whole get up going on. I brought in a blanket just in case it was cold and sat her in her chair along with her drink and popcorn. What a life!!!! It was so cute seeing her sitting there. It was nice to do something different like that for a change. Now she will refer to the theater as the place with the big TV because that was my best description I could give a 2-year-old of what kind of place we were going to. We both had a good time and cannot wait to get her daddy back to send them off to the movies together. I have a feeling they will be the movie buddies and I will stay home for a break during those times. I used to like to go to movies a lot but now a days time alone is so precious I am very picky about what I do with it.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Multimedia Project:

Hello everyone. It is me William (Billy). I don't do many posts on this site because Nikki is the one that has a lot to say. I do my part by being the addministrator of the site. That means you don't hear from me directly but I do most of the work behind the scenes and monitor it regularly. I help to modify the pictures and edit any inappropriate comments. I had to create a multimedia project containing a variety of elements for a college class I am taking and I thought why not use something I have already been doing for nearly two years now which a lot people have been able to enjoy.

This site has been used to talk to a lot of people while I have been across the world and keep them in touch on what has been going on with our family both in NC and also while I have been gone in Afghanistan. This blog has helped me when I start getting homesick by enabling me to see my two favorite girls any time I wanted and has put a smile back on my face many occasions when I am down and out.

I would like to give a special thanks to my wife, Nikki for taking all the pictures that have been posted on the blog. It is a lot of hard work when you have to watch the little one and try to keep the posts on the blog updated. There are a lot people that view this site and eagerly await the next posting.

Thanks to everyone who checks out our site.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Family and New Years

We had to put some pics in here of the newest addition to the family. Cousin Whitney and her husband, Jason, welcomed this beauty (Ayla) in the world a few months ago and we were just getting to see her for the first time. Kassidy was amazed that she was not the littlest one in the room and was very curious and could not get enough of baby Ayla. I loved this WV outfit. I had to get a picture of her in it while we were down at Mamaw Peg's house. LIke I said before in an older post, we did not get the chance to visit many people and those who we did get to visit was not long enough, but we managed to get a pic of Kassidy with Aunt Connie and Uncle Gavin whom had never got to see her yet because they live out of state although by this time she was done with the picture taking as you can tell. I still was able to get a picture of her in her WVU cheerleading outfit in front of Mamaw's tree. They had a New Years Eve get together down at the church back home so we stopped in for a few to say hi to people we didn't see often.

Get Together with Extended Family

Mamaw Beep Beep had her brother (Chap) and sister (Janet) and other family members at her house on New Years Eve Day so Kassidy and I jumped at the opportunity of visiting only one house yet getting to see all who were gathered. The top picture is a picture of mamaw with her brother and sister. Unfortunately Aunt Jean was missing that night so we didn't get her in the pic but I loved the pic of these three together. It is pics like these that become a treasure. I got to see a cousin (Michele) whom I have not got to see for years so it was nice to be able to see her. Kassidy also had a good time sitting on mamaw's porch swinging in the swing.

Visits During Restaurant Outings

It is always so hard when we go home to WV to get enough time to visit. We were there actually for nine days this time but the weather was so bad that Kassidy and I did not get to make it off the mountain except for a few days in the beginning and once we did get off the mountain we headed straight for NC for fear that we may not be able to make it off if we waited any longer. Unfortunately this caused us to have little time visiting family and friends but we did manage to visit with Uncle Clint, Aunt Cindy and cousins Ayden and Jaxon. We went to a Chinese restaurant with them one evening and was able to get a little visiting in with them at least. Also, on the way out of WV, Uncle Eddie and Aunt Debbie was nice enough to meet us at Bob Evans to give Kassidy her gifts and to get to visit a few minutes before we headed back South. Fortunately, due to bad weather, they were both off of work and able to meet us.

Just Cute/First Time In Own Bed/Opening Gifts with Relatives

This is a few pictures of a few different things. One was just her being cute in a new little dress. I also got to capture her sleeping in her bed for the first time. Yes...I know. Hey, at least I am trying now. She did not like it once she figured out she was in her own bed not to watch a movie but to actually sleep. She cried and pointed to our bed and could not understand why I wanted her to sleep in her own bed. Finally, after me laying down with her awhile, she fell asleep and slept for 2-1/2 hours. I hope to ease into this where she can begin sleeping on her own in her own bed. I do have to admit I will thoroughly miss rolling over in the middle of the night and giving her a squeeze. There are also a few pics of us up at Jodi's house exchanging our gifts with her cousins. Since we didn't get there for Christmas this year we had a get together up at Jodi's with just her first cousins and Aunts, Uncles and Grandparents so the kids could exchange gifts. There is also a shot of Kassidy at Mamaw Beep Beeps getting her little farm animals that makes sounds.

Christmas All Over Again

A few days ago we had a package delivered from Angel and Talon (our friends in CO). I do believe she got more gifts from that box than Santa Clause on Christmas morning. She really enoyed getting to go at a second helping of unwrapping presents. It was fun. There were so many new things, including the outfit you see her in above and the crayons that she is using to help create her lovely artwork in the tub, that they sent that I cannot begin to mention them all so I will just give a big thank you out to you and we miss you guys. I actually got some gifts too which was nice.