Sunday, May 31, 2009

Photographs (cont'd)

Some additional shots.


Hey everyone. A few weeks ago Kassidy got some photographs taken and I wanted to share a few of them with you. Some of you will be getting some additionally in the mail in a few weeks. They are so cute. I have been wanting for sometime to get some outdoor/nature pics taken where she can just be spontaneous and we get some shots that are not actually poses because we all know how hard it is to get babies to pose. A friend from the church just started her own photography business and meets you wherever you want and takes photos so I did not hesitate to get Kassidy an appointment. When you see these pics you may want to do the same so if you are coming our way and would like to have your kids, family, etc. photographed then please make sure to let me know ahead of time and maybe I can set up an appointment for you to get the photos. She does a great job and is very patient and aside from that her prices are more than reasonable and she can either just give you the disk and you can get any pics developed at a store of your choice or she can send off and have professional photos made. Either way, the price cannot be beat. Hope you enjoy Kassidy's pics though for now. If you are interested in seeing some of her work then you can go to her photography site listed below:
Also, Billy is doing okay. He just cannot wait to get to their new permanent site because right now his living conditions are not fun and probably won't be for awhile after even moving to their permanent site until they get settled and have time to get things set up but he is in pretty good spirits and just keeps his head up by thinking about coming home and spending time with Kassidy and I and that is how I make it too. It's funny how you take things for granted like spending time with one another and then something like this happens that puts things in perspective. We cannot wait to be together as a family again! And also a BIG thanks to those of you who have sent him boxes already. He really, really appreciates it.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Like My New Shoes????

She discovered my big old heavy shoes sitting out on the back deck and thought she would try them on. She has a time walking in her own shoes let alone the big old clonkers I had that she tried on but I thought it was so cute. She was trying with all of her might to pick up her feet because they were so heavy but she was determined to take off with them.

Snack Time

I have discovered that Kassidy loves strawberries. We are hoping to go strawberry picking soon. Strawberries are good but the marshmallows and ice cream sandwiches she could do without but then you've got to give in a little. She has got eating her pancakes down to a work of art.


Here are some pics of Kassidy at her first dentist appointment. She loves brushing her teeth but did not care at all for the dentist fooling with her mouth and teeth. She screamed. I also included a pic of her brushing her teeth later on and slipped in a pic of Ms. Hollywood in her sunglasses.

More Party Pics

Party Time

Kassidy was invited to a party from a friend at church and had a blast. Below are some pics of the party. I love seeing these children play together and have such a good time. They are all so precious.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Sleeping Beauty and Flower Pics

I LOVE getting pics of Kassidy while she is sleeping. I think I will start taking regular pics of her when she sleeps and put them on the blog every now and then because I think it is just so cute to see a baby peacefully sleeping. The other pics are of a bush that grows in the front of our house. I think it is an azalea bush. I kept telling myself before it bloomed that I was going to get some pics with her sitting in front of it when it started blooming but, as you can see, I only remembered to do so as the blooms were already falling off so that was a bummer but you can still get some effect of how pretty it is. Maybe next year we can catch it at it's peak. Next week, hopefully, Kassidy and I are going to meet up with a friend from church who is trying to get her photography business up and going and we are going to see if we can get some good pics of Kassidy outside in natural surroundings and get some shots that are not posed but just some spontaneous shots of her so I am excited to see how they will turn out. I will post them as soon as I get them. Kassidy and I are starting to get a little bored of hanging around the house and not doing much. But over the next few months we have plans to have several visitors. In less than a month we will be going to the beach with Billy's family so that will be a blast. Kassidy will have her cousins to play with and that will be fun. Also, it will be hot enough this time that she should get in more play time in the pool and beach than the last time we went so we are definitely looking forward to that. After that, Mamaw Beep Beep is coming down in July to stay with us for a week. My aunt Kim, who was one that came down at Easter and went to the beach with us is, is going back down to the beach and since mamaw had such a blast with Kassidy and I when she came to visit us at Easter then she decided to have Aunt Kim drop her off at our house for the week and pick her up on the way back from the beach so that will be some more good quality time with Mamaw Beep Beep again and we are so thankful to have all the time with her that we can. Kassidy is blessed to have her great-grandmother still alive and well. She also has another great grandmother on my dad's side but unfortunately I do not have any recent photos of her and Kassidy together because if you take a picture of her she gets mad. I don't like getting my pic taken either but if you take one of her then you have a fight on your hands. I have decided after looking at the pics of Mamaw Beep Beep that I am just going to have to fight with her because the pics are some precious moments that I want Kassidy to have. We may go home to visit family in WV sometime this summer in July/August timeframe and I am going to have to hide my camera when she is holding Kassidy and take some shots before she realizes what I am doing so stay tuned for those coming up.

Pool, Sad Face, and Sucker

Kassidy is dying to get back in the pool. I had got it out and filled it up because it got hot but for a while now we have had another cold front with rain that has cooled off the temperature so she cries everyday to get into the pool again. Although she cannot submerge herself completely, I sometimes let her play around it hoping that she does not fall in (not that it would matter all that much since she usually comes away drenched anyways). Usually how she spends that time is using the net to try to clean out the stuff that blows off the tree in our yard and right into her pool. There are some other pics of her "sad face or get away with anything face." I say this because everytime she hears the word no her face automatically goes into meltdown mode. With most people she would get her away everytime but she should be learning that with mommy this is not such a successful way of doing things but I guess she thinks it cannot hurt to try anyways. If you notice, in those pics she is fooling with her hands. It seems this is one of her habits she has. Everytime she gets upset, nervous, or scared she starts to twiddle her fingers and hands together. I can always tell when she is upset because it always starts out with the hands. It is interesting when your children start to develop these kinds of habits and you begin picking up on them. I got a pic of her with a sucker in her mouth and just thought it was cute. Well....cute until I found all the handprints all over the wall with the sucker residue on it. hehe

1 down 11 to go

Well.....daddy has been gone for a little over a month now so that means we start the countdown. He has been gone for at least one month and has at least 11 months to go. While this may be early to start a countdown and some may think a dismal start, we are just happy that it is at least one month shorter. As bad as we miss him and he misses us, every day counts. We miss you and love you. Hang in there!
The pics in this blog are not new and have been posted in blogs in the past but they are special ones that remind us of just how much of a daddy's girl she has been from the very start. If you remember correctly, she wanted nothing to do with mommy and daddy could not be out of arm's reach. She has learned to love mommy a little more since that time but daddy is still the one who makes her eyes sparkle when he walks in the room.