Thursday, January 20, 2011

These Sneakers are the Coolest!

Kassidy thanks Aunt Jodi for her new favorite and coolest light-up Sketchers sneakers. They are really cute! Here are some pics of her stomping on them and walking with them as she glances down. She hates wearing shoes in the house but she had to put them on as soon as she opened them and is still wearing them. Thanks again.

Party Time

Allie had a birthday party at a skating rink so I took Kassidy to see if she was brave enough for a new adventure. She had been all pumped up and excited about going skating until she actually got the skates on. She had to, of course, hold hands with others to get her skating at all and then she decided she would prefer to stand beside the wall from the carpeted area and have everybody going by slap her hand instead of taking many chances on the rink. It was still cute though and maybe in time she will learn to not be so afraid. Thank you Allie for inviting us to your party and creating memories.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Ice Storm

Well....what can I say? While we had dramatic weather here in NC, I am also aware that many of you had the same. I couldn't resist going out and taking some shots of our back yard and my car covered in ice. By this time, Billy had went out and tried to chip away most of the ice but there was still a substantial amount left. The first time I drove my car I was terrified of the huge ice pieces that were coming off because I was afraid they were going to strike another vehicle. The most shocking thing to me is that these pictures were taken 4 or 5 days after the ice storm had come through. We still have ice on certain parts of our property. Crazy stuff.

Special Gift from a Special Cousin

While Kassidy melts the hearts of just about all those she comes into contact with, little girls seem to ooohhh and ahhhh more than anybody else. Kassidy has a cousin in Texas, Alexis, who may not have yet met her in person, but is being the doting cousin. She went to the mall with her friends and, while most kids would think about buying for just themselves, she came back with this very cute outfit for Kassidy that she paid for with her own money. Thank you Alexis for the outfit and thank you more for being so thoughtful and kind. Hopefully one day you will be able to meet in person.

Miller Time! hehe...had to do it

Kassidy got some gifts from her China travel buddy, Merrilee. Although these two girls only were around each other in China and once when they stopped on their way to GA, they both are always asking about the other and hopefully as they grow older they will remain friends and keep in touch. Kassidy received a US map puzzle, candy bag, and a book. She loved the puzzle and had to immediately have help putting it together. Thank you Miller family for the presents. We miss ya!