Friday, December 31, 2010

Visit with Aunt Debbie and Uncle Eddie

We always try to meet up with Aunt Debbie and Uncle Eddie when we come to visit to WV. They were able to hand deliver this gift unlike others they send. We try to take the short time we have with people and make up for lost time. Thanks for taking time out of your schedule and meeting up with us and spoiling Kassidy even further. ;P

Christmas Night at Our House

While we thoroughly enjoyed visiting in WV for Christmas, it was nice to finish off our Christmas day in our own house. Santa had obviously decided to leave some of the bigger gifts and stocking at our house in order for us to not have to haul it around from state to state. So......Kassidy was really shocked and excited to walk into our house to find that Santa had left such fun stuff. Here is the second go round from Santa.

Christmas Morning and a Surprise Visit from Santa

On Christmas morning, we were at Aunt JoJo's. Uncle Clint and his gang and PopPop came up for our traditional Christmas breakfast and opening of gifts from Santa and the kids exchange their gifts of whomever's name they drew between the cousins. In addition to all that traditional stuff, we had a surprise. Santa came to have breakfast with us. You may ask how we lucked out to be picked for a visit from Santa after he had had such a long night???? Well....actually Rod, one of dad's friends, came up and Kassidy was immediately convinced that he was Santa. I guess I can see the resemblance also. hehe Anyways....she immediately reached for him to tell him thank you for all the presents he had just brought her and gave him a kiss. After that, Rod felt so guilty that he ended up digging in his pocket and pulling out a $20 dollar bill for her. That made our whole Christmas. We are still laughing about that.

Annual Christmas Eve Party at MaMaw Peg's

Pics from our Annual Get Together on Christmas Eve at Mamaw Peg's house. There are so many people and soooo much fun! Highlight of Christmas for me.

Family Visits

Here are many pics of us taking advantage of being around family that we do not get to see often enough. We really enjoyed seeing everyone and glad we got to spend what time we had with everyone. I feel we got to see more people on this visit than ever before. We enjoyed it thoroughly and are thankful for memories made.