Saturday, October 23, 2010


Finally! I was beginning to worry. There was a time a long time ago that I felt she was almost potty trained and then we had a few steps back or rather she just got defiant. I had been told by many people not to worry about the pottytraining issue until she turned three, which is only about a month away. So....I was beginning to panic. But....all of a sudden about a 1-1/2 week ago, she just decided it was time. Of course she is still using pull ups during the night and on long road trips but other than that she is good to go. I am so proud of her. This is just one more sign that she is growing up.

Time for some Fun!

After a week of pure torture due to a virus, Kassidy was finally feeling better so we decided to celebrate with having a weiner roast. We roasted weiners and made smores. It was really fun. We had never done that before and she loved it. It was fun to be outside enjoying the nice crisp Fall air. I think we will do this again real soon.

American Doll/Card

Kassidy received a special gift from her Great, Great Aunt Jean shortly after coming home to join our family. Aunt Jean special ordered an American Doll for her. We have kept it on top of her dresser. It came with two outfits but until recently we had not changed it out. We decided it was time for a wardrobe change.
She also got a Halloween card from her friend, Merrilee. Thank You!

What to do on a Rainy Day?

Kassidy was sick for a whole week and was in some pain with having had blisters in her mouth and not being able to drink anything but ice water for a few days. My job at times was just trying to keep her mind off her pain by focusing on something else. We had a warm day with some some showers so I let her go out for a few minutes and use her umbrella. She is always wanting to play with it in the house so I thought it might be fun to actually let her go outside and practice in some real rain. Also....I put a sneak peek pic of her Trick or Treating outfit.

Cabbage Patch Doll

Years ago, when we were still waiting on our unknown bundle of joy, Mimi and Poppop came to visit one time with a Cabbage Patch Doll. We kept it even after we got her waiting for the right moment to give it to her. As we were watching her with a little baby doll last night, we thought it was time to give her the Cabbage Patch Doll. She has not shown much interest in dolls before the last couple months but now she is a little mommy. She was so excited to open it and hurry and get the bottle and feed it. So cute!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mimi and Poppop Strike Again

Mimi and Poppop sent Kassidy a package in the mail with a Trick-Or-Treat themed T-shirt that says "Daddy is Under My Spell." She has definitely got her wear out of it over the last few weeks. I looked at the first pic above and thought how she is growing up so fast. Please slowwww down! She has really changed over the last few months. She talks away now very clearly and can come up with the funniest things. She is also potty trained now! yipppeeee We are so proud of her. We say everyday to each other what a great girl we have. She is so easy to take care of and such a great kid. We could not have asked for a better match for us and cannot imagine life without her now. Hard to believe she is coming up on 3 years old very soon. She amazes us everyday of our life.

Cupcake Making is Tiring!

After slaving over cupcakes, she is pooped out!

Poppy and Mamaw Debbie/Fall Festival

Poppy and Mamaw Debbie have an annual outing to Myrtle Beach every year in the Fall so on their way down they will generally stop and spend a couple nights with us. Last year Kassidy and I along with Ms. Amy and the girls found out about a Fall Festival and so this year it was going on when Poppy and Mamaw came to town so we went there. She had been talking about the train ride that she loved so much. They also brought Kassidy a necklace that they had got in Branson, MO for her. It was made by a Chinese entertainer at one of the shows. It is a jade necklace with her name engraved on it in Chinese on one side and American on the other. She loved it. We all really enjoyed spending some time together. The only thing that upset Kassidy was knowing that they were heading to the beach and she was not going. Here are some pics of the visit.