Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Thanks Bella!

Recently Kassidy got a very special card in the mail from her friend Bella. Bella had heard that Kassidy was sick and so she made her a Disney Princess bracelet. Kassidy loved it and so we just wanted to tell Bella thank you! You was so sweet to think of Kassidy and send her a pick-me-up in the mail. Hope to see ya soon and have some fun.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Disney On Ice

We had our annual Disney On Ice. Oh how I love this tradition. I think Billy and I enjoy as much as Kassidy does. It is so much fun. If you have not yet had the chance to see Disney On Ice I would highly recommend it if he comes your way. So totally entertaining the whole time.

Christmas Morning

Santa was good to Kassidy. We had a very fun Christmas morning! We missed being with family this year but enjoyed not being on the roads and to wake up on Christmas morning in our own house for a change.

Christmas Gifts

Thanks to everyone who sent gifts to Kassidy for Christmas and her birthday. I got bogged down with other things in life and have not been as good as previously about posting things as soon as we get them. We know it means a lot to you who are far away to be able to be in touch as much as possible and I know how many of you enjoy seeing the pics of her with your packages just as much as we appreciate you sending them our way. Because it took me so long to post this, I am in fear of leaving someone out of the loop who sent a present to Kassidy but I am going to give it a shot with just posting a bunch of pics on at one time and acknowledging those that my memory will allow so if you sent one and it does not show up here or you are missed in the mentioning, then I am apologizing ahead of time. The gifts above were sent by various friends and family (Amanda, Amy B. and crew, Angel and crew, Aunt Emily and Uncle Terry, Aunt Kim and crew, Reggie and crew(including a special beautiful wooden box made by cousin Emily), Great Aunt Kim and crew, Mamaw Beep Beep, and Mamaw Peg). We love you all and miss everyone and hope to see everyone shortly. Thanks again for helping make this Christmas very special for all of us!

JoJo and crew's Christmas Gift

Thanks to JoJo and her crew, she now has another outfit to model and as you can see....she is already working it! hehe