Monday, March 23, 2009

Kassidy's First Beach Trip

While Kassidy's first beach trip only consisted of about 20 minutes on the beach because it wasn't exactly the warmest weather, she still had fun and played in the sand but was a little leary of the ocean. Here are some pics. Ocean pics are the greatest!

The Aquarium

With Billy leaving soon for a whole year, he has been wanting to get in as much quality time as possible with Kassidy so we decided on a whim to take off to Wilmington and go to the aquarium they have there. Kassidy got so excited and started pointing at all the fish and running around everywhere from one display to another. It definitely was fun seeing her have so much fun.

Just For Fun

Kassidy at the Park (Cont'd)

Kassidy at the Park

In WV, we were able to go to the park with Kassidy's cousins, Reece, Bobbi, Ayden and Jaxon. And boy did they have fun. Kassidy loves the slicky slide. Here are some cute pics taken. Enjoy!

Billy's B-day Party (Cont'd)

Billy's B-Day Party

It was Billy's birthday while we were visiting family in WV recently so we surprised him with a birthday gathering at Red Lobster. Here are some pics.

Kassidy and Pete

Kassidy has really shown an interest in dogs over the last month or so. I have been fighting Kassidy and Billy on the idea of having a dog to take care of but Billy says that when he gets back from overseas that we are going to have to get a dog and that I lost out because Kassidy loves dogs. She really does. If she sees a dog in real life, on tv, a stuffed animal, etc. she goes crazy and starts pointing and barking like a dog. It is too cute. Recently, on our trip home to WV, Aunt Jodi's dog, Pete, let her play and do just about anything she wanted to do to him. He is a good dog and Kassidy loved petting him. I guess I have one more year to enjoy my pet-free home and backyard before a dog comes into our life.

Uncle Reggie and Kassidy

Billy's brother, Reggie, is making up for lost time. While most everyone in the family has been able to meet Kassidy and spend a little time with her, he has been overseas with the military. He was able to spend some time a few months ago at Thanksgiving when he and his family came to visit us and then got to spend a little time recently when he came to WV at the same time as we did a few weeks ago. Kassidy knows that she gets what she wants from Uncle Reggie since he is trying to make up for lost time so she goes for the things that mommy and daddy do not generally give her like the soda you see her downing. The shirt had to come off though since she hasn't totally mastered drinking out of a bottle yet but she is sure giving it a try.