Saturday, April 21, 2012

New Bike

Until now, we have just bought Kassidy battery-powered vehicles, tricycles, big wheels, etc. because her little legs were too short to buy a good bicycle and she was so small that she was intimidated to use it. She is even getting more and more into her battery-powered vehicle now since she has gotten a little older and more confident. Today we went around trying to find just the right bike and finally decided on a Pinkalicious Bike. She can pedal so good and is so she is excited and thinks she is so big now. It's so fun to watch her grow and all the things she says and does. Of course, daddy could not put the bike together without her help. So cute.

Bedtime Struggles long now have we tried to regain our bed??? It has been a struggle I must say. I know, I know...we never should have allowed it and then we would never have been an issue but guess what...we did. Last week we battled and battled her and finally broke her partially by dragging out her crib mattress and placing it beside our bed. Our plan is to take it and slowly move it every week or so until it gets into her room and then end it with a move from the crib mattress into her big bed. She gets a reward every time she sleeps for 5 days in a new position. Today she got a bike for sleeping in her own little bed in the floor for 5 days and then next time she moves it and sleeps for 5 more days she gets another reward. I don't know how long this process will last until she is finally in her own room and in her own bed for good but at least for now she is out of our bed and into her own. Here are some pics of the first night in her own bed.

My Little Dancer

I fall into the category of one of those people who watch the Dancing With the Stars episodes every now and again. Kassidy asks frequently if it is coming on that day and she loves to watch it with me or rather she loves to dance while it is on. Her eyes rarely goes to the TV while they dance because she is too busy dancing. The only time she really pays attention is to determine her favorite for the night which is based on the dress they are wearing. It's pretty easier to predict who her favorite will be because it is always the girl who is wearing pink. She also uses this TV time to go into her closet and put on one of her favorite fancy dresses. I too find myself ignoring the actual show/dances because I am distracted by the little dancer in my midst instead, but can ya blame me?

Amanda's Senior Prom

Remember back when you were a senior in high school and the closer the end came to graduation the more exciting things became? is nearing that time for Amanda and we are so proud of her and the beautiful young woman she has become and everything that is in store for her. I just had to show off these pics of her before she goes off to her prom tonight. She is very beautiful but what makes her even more beautiful is her heart and the stuff on the inside that you don't see. I am praying that all the decisions you make in the upcoming few months will be ones that will do nothing but benefit you and help make you happy in the future. The decisions we make at such a young age impacts our lives greatly so please make them carefully and once you make them then carry them out to the best of your ability. We love you and thank you for allowing us to be a part of your lives over the past several years and wish you only the best. You, Kristen, and Marissa have been the closest things to older sisters that she has had considering that we live so far away from the rest of our family. She looks up to you so much and enjoys every minute with you. You will always mean a lot to her as well as us. Don't forget about us when you go off to college. I will still cook Sunday dinner for you if you will come home some weekends if that is what it takes to see you every now and then. ;)

Dentist to Be Maybe?

We have got her playdough kits before when she was younger but she never got into it much until recently. Here she is filling a mouthful of cavities. Little does she know that that exact situation is going to be happening to her very shortly (except she will be the patient instead of the dentist). :P

Gift from Ms. Angel

Ms. Angel sent all three of us a box full of goodies. There were many favorites including seaweed sushi wraps for Billy's love for sushi, my beautiful teapot, and Kassidy got paint-your-own tea set, cookies, clothes, and much more. We sure appreciated everything. The only better thing she could have given us would have been to deliver it in person but I guess that will have to wait awhile longer but I sure wish it is not too much longer. Love ya like a sis and miss ya like crazy! Hurry home PLEASEEEEEE!

Tea Sets from Great, Great Aunt Jean

Aunt Jean recently made a move to Florida and when she came back to go through some of her things, she evidently found some things to pass down to Kassidy. There is one little tea set that she can play with now and display in her room and another place set of China that she can keep and treasure for the rest of her life because of who it came from. I am so thankful that not only I, but Kassidy, can have wonderful memories of those in her life that came generations before she did. And also thankful that she can share a bond with those who have and do mean a great deal to our family. There are many people whom I wish that Kassidy could have met and known that she wasn't able to have the chance to meet but then again I need to be aware of how very blessed we are to be able to share Kassidy with so many others. Thank you Aunt Jean for always thinking of her and making her feel so special and loved.

Easter Gifts From Family

Thank you to MiMi and PopPop for the beautiful new pink dress, Easter puppy, and the $10 that I got my nails done with.
Thank you to Amanda, Kristen, and Marissa for the Easter basket for Kassidy.
Thank you to Aunt JoJo and her crew for the beautiful dress that they got down at the beach. Thank you to Mamaw Sandy for the new PJs from the beach. We were excited about the gifts but even more excited to be able to share a few hours with you at our house for Easter lunch on your way back home from the beach. Thanks for taking out time for us.

My First Ballet

Pics of Kassidy trying to pose in some ballet poses as she was so excited to be on her way to her first ballet. We have found a new pasttime with Kassidy to do now. We decided to try out taking her to a ballet. There are several ballet shows coming up that I think we would like but our first one was to go to The Little Mermaid Ballet. We were not sure if it would keep her attention or not but it most certainly did and she is now begging to go see another one. It is so fun to watch her and help give her opportunities to blossom and grow into the wonderful young lady that I am sure she will one day become. Possibilities are endless with God's help and the love of everyone around. Enjoy everyday with your little ones because it is priceless time indeed.