Friday, June 4, 2010

Mimi and Poppop Visit

Mimi and Poppop stopped in for a visit on their way to WV and TN. They were here for a few days. Billy and his dad went to a Nascar Race and they were here long enough to spoil Kassidy even more. Here are a few pics of them together and some of the clothes and presents they got her along with bubble pics which you can see she thoroughly enjoyed throwing on MiMi.

Shower Time and Stunt Woman

Kassidy absolutely hates getting into the bathtub anymore. She used to love it but now she fights me on it. She always is afraid that I will get water in her eyes when rinsing her hair, which I never do but here you can see the shower water does not even bother her in the least. Billy was taking a shower when she did a little sneaking in the room and so he got out and she took off her clothes and jumped into the running water in her diaper. First time she has actually got brave enough to get in the shower.
We hope that as she gets older she will choose the right profession for her although considering the things she does now, I would not be surprised if she ends up being a stunt woman! hehe Her favorite past time now is getting her stuffed animals and climbing up on the headboard and jumping onto the mattress. This is one of the calmer stunts she does. What's ahead? Not sure and really do not want to know how many ER trips we will make over her the next few years.

B-day Party and Strawberry Pickin'

Kassidy was invited to her friend, Kate's, birthday party. It was very fun and after warming up to everyone she finally started to play and have fun. Her social skills are not the best because she is so used to just mommy and daddy being around. We try to get her out around other kids some but need to work better at going to more activities to get her interaction where it should be. Initially, as part of the birthday party, we were supposed to first go strawberry pickin' and then go back to their house for cake and lunch but it ended up that most strawberry patches were empty already so we did not get to go that day but I found another field that still had some on it so we went the next day and got some delicious strawberries. She did more eatin' than pickin' but that is part of the fun. Got some cute shots in the field. If you have never went strawberry pickin' then I highly suggest doing it if you have a field around you. It's much funner than going to the store and just buying them and the strawberries are so much sweeter. It's a good family thing to do together that most every member of the family can enjoy.

Thank You

We want to thank Uncle Timmy, Aunt Kim, Samantha and Savannah for the package they sent to Kassidy. They had some very cute outfits along with beautiful hair accessories. Kassidy's favorite was the dog shirt. She puts it on and goes around barking at them all day long. Very funny. You did a great job Savannah picking out the t-shirt. She loves it.

Sesame Street Live

We had such a fun time at Disney on Ice that when Sesame Street Live show came to town then we rushed out to get them. After the Disney On Ice, Sesame Street was a let down but still fun. Here are some pics of the show.