Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Room Decor

One day we might just get Kassidy's room done. We have been working on changing out her nursery decor to decor for her now 4-year-old taste but it has been going very slow. We have most things done but still working on several little things to finish it out. When Kassidy came home for the first time from China to her new home in North Carolina, we had many friends and family who blessed us with gifts and one homemade from Sylvia Dickens from the church which was letters cut out from wood that spelled her name in the paint color that matched her room decor. Now that we are changing everything out, we decided to repaint the her name for her room now. Here she is enjoying painting them. She loves doing crafty stuff. Debating now if she is ready to help me soon to make some Easter candy out of the candy molds that I used to do pre Kassidy time. I'm sure she would enjoy making it just not sure how it would look afterwards. :)

First Official Sleepover

The first time that Kassidy stayed away from home without either Billy or me was when Billy was deployed and I had to take a trip to the ER because of a severe case of the flu. Thankfully, my friend Amy was here to save the day and get Kassidy for the night. Although I guess this could be considered a sleepover, I do not think it was the kind of sleepover that Amy or Kassidy would consider pleasant. hehe Screaming herself to sleep is not what I would consider fun for anybody. We have mentioned to Kassidy on several occasions over the years if she would like to have a sleepover one day at a friend or family member's house and she adamantly stook with the answer 'NO! One day recently she decided that she wanted to have a sleepover at Amanda, Kristen and Marissa's house. Sooooooo they willfully obliged. As you can see in the pics, she had a blast and truth beknown I think the girls did too. Maybe another one is in order. Not sure how long it will take until she gets comfortable enough with someone else to do the same and not so sure how long it will be until MOMMY can go without her another night. Billy and I miss her so much when she is gone that we cannot wait until she gets back. But we are glad to see her becoming more confident in knowing that she is growing up and can do such things. Thanks girls for making that night so special.

Pics of Family in WV and pics of two faces that only a mother could love!

Here are a mix of pics from WV and from Kassidy and her daddy making lovely faces that only a mother could love. Also, we got to see my Aunt Joyce who is Kassidy's Great Aunt Joyce (how old does that make you feel Joyce?) j/k. Plus, the older Kassidy gets the more time she spends appreciating and enjoying time with her cousins. While Bobbi acts more as an aunt to Kassidy, the crew that see together at Chuck E Cheese are totally typical cousins who enjoy one another's company with all the hoopla that goes with it. I enjoyed so much sitting there and watching that crew play together. Not an argument one. Only love. I so wish that distance would not keep us from having more of these wonderful times BUT it makes us appreciate it them even more because of it. We bought Emma and Kassidy matching outfits so they could sport their own looks together.

Visit with Uncle Eddie and Aunt Debbie

On our trip home to WV, we got to visit with Uncle Eddie and Aunt Debbie. We always enjoy seeing them and generally enjoy a great meal at Red Lobster along with our great visit. It was great to see you again and thank you once again for your gifts for Kassidy. She is blessed by your love for her.