Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Birthday Party

These are pics taken at her friend Gilead's first birthday party. It was a hoot and Kassidy had a blast. Thanks Gilead for having us. She liked the game that involved throwing balls and seemed to be in everyone else's way that tried to play. She thought she needed to oversee that everyone was doing everything right I guess. hehe

Cute Pics

Okay.....since I was all talk last post and no pics then I am all pics and no talk with this post. Just some cute pics that I have not had the chance to send out yet. These are just her mastering climbing in and out of her shopping cart, her reading her Dr. Seuss books, and watching the Wizard of Oz (a girl after her mommy's own heart). She doesn't pay much mind to the television or even cartoons but she does like Wizard of Oz. I just popped it in one night when we had her set up going on in the living room with her crib mattress and her sippy cup and fruit loops! Wow...what a life. She loved it. Now at least I have something to occupy her when I have to put her in the swing while I jump in the shower. She will watch the whole movie through if we let her and that is the only thing so far that she will watch that intently. As you can see with the expression on her face, she really gets into it.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Is She Yours, Why Did You Adopt From China...... cute pictures in this post this time but they will be coming up shortly. I am compiling a group together to put up all at once. This particular post, however, is just for pure venting. LOL You may skip over if you want but I find it just a post to write out of pure frustration along with pure amazement but mostly for comic relief. I , however, am not upset or mad in any way but find it so funny with some of the comments I get and have to share some of them. I have been asked so many times so many questions which I am more than happy to answer with some of them being from pure ignorance, to some being inquisitive, to some being complimentive, and to some being well not so complementive in nature. Most 99% of them all derive from the first three although there is that 1% that continues to ask several times "I Know I Have Asked Before But Can You Tell Me Again Why You Adopted From China?" I am more than happy to give my reasons for adopting from China to someone who asks because just about every friend, family, and general acquaintance has asked with good reasons and with nothing other than pure curiosity but after the third time of being asked the same question by the same person then it makes me tend to believe that they are against international adoption altogether and questioning our judgement and really is it any of their business anyways? But that is definitely not the norm of what I get from people and not what this post is primarily about. This post generates from my grocery shopping experience yesterday. Not the negative part though. But I found it so funny, and do on so many occasions, when we go out in public because people ask so many funny questions in order to avoid coming right out and asking if we adopted her but still want to know. We kept passing the same older woman in the aisles and in every aisle she would make a statement or talk to Kassidy adoringly. She was sweet but finally near the end of the store she had come up with a question to ask that could seemingly get her an answer. "So.....did she have that much hair when she was born?" hehe I was laughing inside and finally answered her burning desire question with "Well....we adopted her but at nine months when we got her she did have a lot of hair." That seemed to finally satisfy her thank goodness. Because I would have hated for that poor woman to go home without finally getting an answer! lol Another lady by the dairy aisle came up and said how gorgeous she was and that she knew someone that had adopted a little girl from "Japan" too! I just nodded my head and said "Oh really? That's great!" hehe I did not inquire but I don't hear of many adoptions from Japan so it was probably China anyways but who knows. The bagger who took our groceries out to the car for us asked a million questions because she said she wanted to adopt too. At the end of all my explanations of her one million questions, she asked "So how much do you get paid to adopt her?" I kind of repeated her question back to her "So how much did THEY pay US to adopt her? Ummmm...none. Quite the opposite." She did not ask any more questions after that so I guess she was no longer interested. But I just find it so funny that EVERY single time we go out in public we get these questions and looks whether it be from pure inquisitiveness or other. Like I said, I enjoy all the "AHHHH and OOOOHHHS....She's so cute.....She's adorable" and such. This is just one days worth of comments but I just thought that after months of hearing these types of things that I would share some of them with you so that you may get a chuckle out of it too! To those who may not have adopted and are interested...Just don't have to hen pick around. But please don't go through the whole grocery store until the last aisle in pure misery and pain. LOL.......