Monday, September 20, 2010

Mail for Me!

Uncle Clint and his gang and Aunt JoJo and her gang got together a package for Kassidy and mailed it out to her and she got some cute stuff. Uncle Clint's gang got Kassidy two really cute outfits and Aunt JoJo's gang got her some Disney princess winter PJ's, a bracelet with her initials, and some black shoes. Today she wore one of her outfits and then tonight changed into her princess PJ's. While the outfits are very cute, I think the model adds quite a bit to the cuteness effect also. How funny are the jumping on the bed pics???? Those ponytails flying around everywhere and the looks on her face are priceless!!! I just looked at her hair this evening and noticed how long it is getting. Pretty soon her hair weight is going to catch up with her body weight.

Pure Volunteer Torture Chamber

When the girls come over on Sundays, they never know what torture will be endured for that particular day and who will take the brunt of the torture. On this day, Kassidy decided that she really missed gymnastic class and took out her frustration on all three of the girls. Why, may I ask, should I pay for a gymnastic class when we can get this for free??? hehe I know three people who would appreciate paying for the classes.

Christmas Already?

Okay...well...I know this is a Christmas looking dress BUT there are several clothes that still have tags on them that Kassidy is getting ready to grow out of so I am trying to get through all of them at least once. This cute Minnie Mouse dress still had tags and IT IS sleeveless but still officially a Christmas dress....I think. Anyways...this is what she went to church in this morning. Maybe I can get a long sleeve shirt and manage to wear it again near Christmas time. We will see.

Daddy Playing Dress Up

The things you do when you truly love someone.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Boy Did We Have Fun

We had fun watching them and they had fun playing together and just being two little silly girls. As many of you know, our trip to China took place with several other families. We all have a special bond with each other whom we never knew before the China trip and probably will never see again for the most part. However, on the road to adoption and on our trip to China, we got to know a certain couple rather well and have remained in contact. Unfortunately, they live in Baltimore and we live at Fort Bragg, NC so aside from emails, exchange of photos, and a couple of phone calls, we had yet to be able to visit one another in person until a couple days ago. Beth had to serve for six months recently in Iraq and has just been home for a couple months before she got a job in GA. Since we live at the halfway point between Baltimore and Georgia, Beth and Merrilee stopped in for a quick visit on their way to GA. We certainly missed catching up with Mark but, at the same time, enjoyed our visit with Beth and Merrilee immensely. Kassidy rarely takes up to any child quickly. Being an only child, we have to take any opportunity given to us when other children are around and use it as a teaching mode. Sometimes she does not share very well and she never wants any other child to get to close to her mommy and daddy. However, as soon as Merrilee walked through the door they just clicked. As the evening went on, so did the fun. It was so good to see them and, hopefully, we can get a visit from Mark on an occasion in which he drives down to GA. They also brought each one of us a gift as you can see in the picture from an Outer Banks vacation but the best gift ever was being able to see them. Thanks Beth for stopping and spending some time together. Will look forward to doing it again.

Gift from Angel and Talon

Angel sent Billy, Kassidy and I some gifts. Kassidy loves getting things in the mail and, as you can see, she thoroughly enjoyed everything. Wish you were here. Miss you guys like crazy!

MiMi and PopPop Visit

MiMi and PopPop went to TN to see Reggie when he came in on leave from Afghanistan. On their way back to FL they stopped in to spend a few nights with us. One day when daddy worked and mommy had doctor appointments, MiMi, PopPop, and Kassidy had an outing together that included lunch, shopping and getting their nails done. I do believe, however, that PopPop skipped on getting his nails done. hehe Kassidy, of course, came back with some gifts and one of her favorite ones was the umbrella you see above. I don't know if it will last until our next rain shower or not. She loves walking around in the house with it. I think I will put her outside during the next rain and let her use it for it's proper use. :) It just so happened that while they were here MiMi had a birthday. So some of the pics were her birthday dinner, cake and present. We were glad they were here and we got to celebrate it together.