Saturday, February 20, 2010

At Home

One of the first things, of course, her and Billy did was hook the laptop up and start surfing the web. One of the pics are them surfing the web. I really like the hug that she so lovingly gave him. Every morning she likes going through her drawers and picking out an outfit to wear. Needless to say, usually we never get passed our front door with most of them. Is she a trendsetter or not? (hope not if this outfit is one of them). The balloon is her Valentine's Day gift that I waited to give her that night when Bill got home.

Best Valentine Gift EVER

Billy finally made it back on his long journey home on Valentine's Day. I can honestly say it was the best Valentine's Day gift ever! And....the best part for me was seeing Kassidy finally being with her daddy again. It took about 10 minutes for her to let Billy hold her but once she let him then I started reliving our trip to China. If you remember, she only wanted Billy for almost the whole time we were in China. Every time Billy would put her down to go sign papers, talk to some people, etc., he had a little shadow following him everywhere without him not even knowing she was behind him or looking for him. When he would walk away from us in that receiving room, she would look at me as if to say "Where is he going now? And can I go with him?" I would just let her go and see if she could find him. It was funny because amidst that whole room of soldiers she would walk around and look up at every soldier she would pass until finding her daddy. In one of the pics above, you can see her in the middle of a group of soldiers once she finally found him and waiting there beside him until he finally looked down to see her. It was so precious. He has yet to be able to sit in the front seat of the car on our trips out so far. He always is told by Kassidy that his spot is in the back seat right beside her.

Valentine Day Gifts

With Valentine's Day comes the emphasis on those around you whom you love and whom loves you. Kassidy definitely does not lack in that department. Love is something that can never be bought and is the best gift that one could ever give or receive. While I say that no gifts are necessary, I am sure Kassidy would agree that if you want to send a present to emphasize that thought then you are more than welcome to do so. hehe Above are a few pics of her opening a card with money from Uncle Eddie and Aunt Debbie and also a package full of candy, books, etc. As usual she enjoyed opening both packages and exploring to see what all he had.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Gifts From Tennessee

Uncle Reggie, Aunt Karla and counsins Billy and Emily sent Kassidy a package which included a heart pillow, nice soft blanket and a couple of really cute outfits with a Minnie Mouse jacket with a hood with mouse ears on it. She really likes everything. She loves getting gifts in the mail but what kid doesn't. She cracked me up because as soon as she pulled out the pillow and blanket she put the pillow behind her head, pulled the blanket over her and put her arms under her head and laid back to relax like she was a pro. Funny!


As you can see, it SNOWED!!!! Yes...I know there are some of you who are saying I wouldn't be so excited if all I did was shovel snow every extra chance I get or have the many inconveniences of it. There are so many people I know that live in the areas that got hammered with the snow with one storm after another. I really miss snow living here in North Carolina so even when we get one snow fall of a few inches then I get excited. I cannot remember the last time I made a snowman and this was Kassidy's first snowman in her life. It was fun but even funner when I was trying to create Frosty's facial features only to turn around and see that Kassidy was eating his future nose (carrot). It was a nice day to play in the snow because it wasn't very cold. Actually, in the first pic you can see the snowman did not last long. You can see where the sun came out full blast and everything is already starting to melt due to how warm outside it is. Good thing I took pics of the snowman right away. I got her that snowsuit on a good sale for next year but little did I know she would end up wearing it this winter so that is why it is so big. I was getting it for next year although I'm not sure we will get any snow so we went ahead and used it today so I know she will at least get to wear it once.

Missing Merrilee and A Package

Kassidy got a package from Mimi and PopPop. She loves getting packages in the mail. Everytime she sees me carrying in mail she always checks to see if she has a package and even when we get a package that is not for her she always is confident it is (which usually they are for her). They sent her two pajama sets with the Disney Princesses and Minnie Mouse. She used to be crazy in love with Dora but, while still liking Dora, she always opts for the Disney Princesses and loves Minni Mouse too. She couldn't wait to strip her clothes and put on her new pajamas. They also got her a cute Spring/Summer dress. I cannot wait to dress her up in it. Summer clothes are quickly approaching.
You also see Kassidy sitting in front of the computer screen paying close attention. Often I play little video clips and show her pictures of our friends, The Millers (who also went along with us on our China trip to adopt their little girl). Although we have not spent any time together except our China trip, we consider them to be close friends and we will always share that time of our life together. Merrilee's mommy, Beth, is in Iraq now too, she is also in the military. Her deployment is for six months and I can't wait for her to get home and reunited with Merrilee and Mark, so I am sure they are counting down the days also. The pics you see are Kassidy looking at Merrilee on her blog and waving to her and kissing the screen.